Does the world really need another new blog?

I’ve asked myself that question for several years now, hesitant to join the countless multitudes already offering their unsolicited opinions on everything under the sun. Probably not, but I wanted to start one anyway. After all, what makes my unsolicited opinions any more superfluous than anyone else’s?

So why didn’t I? For one thing, I keep having babies, and that keeps me sort of busy. But then my friend Melissa started her blog three months after her sixth child was born. If she can homeschool four school age children while taking care of a three-year-old and a newborn and still find time to blog, then I figured I could too.

For another thing, I’ve been working on a book for some time now, and thought blogging would take too much time away from the book. But my children already make it so difficult to get any substantive writing done that it’s probably a lost cause anyway, at least right now.

And so I began Moralia. The name is explained here. The subjects discussed will be wide-ranging, as are my interests.

As a mother of three (soon to be four), I am interested in parenting and child-rearing issues, but this won’t be one of those blogs where you’ll hear all the details about diaper changes and projectile vomiting, spilled milk and ruined furniture. I will write about my children from time to time (I do spend more time with them than with anyone else, after all) but I don’t feel the need to share every aspect of our domestic life with strangers, and most of what I write about parenting will be from a cultural rather than a personal perspective.

As a homeschooling parent, I am interested in legal and political developments that impact homeschooling, as well as the way homeschooling fits into our culture at large. You will not be subjected to in-depth analyses of my children’s book reports and art projects.

As an ancient historian, I am interested in all things Greek and Roman, and in many other periods of history as well. Though family responsibilities prevent me from working in my field at present, my interest lives on.

As a practicing Catholic, I am interested in the conflicts that arise from trying to live according to a traditional philosophy in an altogether modern (or perhaps more accurately postmodern) world. As someone with far more Evangelical Protestants than Catholics in my social circle (why that is in a yet to be written post), I am interested in the differences and similarities between the denominations.

As a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico (the outskirts anyway; we’re in the semi-rural country outside city limits), I am interested in the culture and politics of my adopted home town.

As a concerned citizen, I am interested in politics, and political questions will feature prominently here. As will be clear soon enough, I am a Republican, but you will find here no insulting ad hominem attacks upon those with whom I disagree. My talk radio preference is for the thoughtful and polite conservatism of Dennis Prager rather than the rough mockery of Rush Limbaugh. I hope that left-of-center readers who share my other interests will not let the political posts keep them from reading other parts of the blog.

Finally, as a woman who came of age in the wake of the feminist movement and the sexual revolution, I am interested in the social repercussions of those momentous changes, in how the men and women of my generation have been affected by those changes, and in how those in my daughters’ generation will be affected by them.

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    So glad I inspired you : ) I have enjoyed reading your entries…very intelligently written and intriquing. The nice thing about reading a friend’s blog is that you get to go a little deeper into their thoughts than you can when you’re chasing 3 year olds! Keep blogging!

    Posted 02 Jun 2008 at 6:02 pm

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