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The City Deranged

Santa Feans like to call our town “The City Different.” Sometimes I think “The City Deranged” is more like it. I posted the other day about the fake archeological dig that’s supposed to be art. Now Pasatiempo, The New Mexican’s Weekly Magazine of Arts, Entertainment and Culture (June 20-26), brings us still more pretentiousness, Santa […]

Men behaving badly – and the women who blog about it

One of my husband’s friends gave him a hard time because I “slammed” him in my blog the other day. I was dumbfounded, since the post in question didn’t mention my husband, and my comment was a general one about how mothers tend to feel guilty for frittering away time on the internet instead of […]

A tale of two scholar-mothers

Bitch PhD is a blog I’ve just discovered. I’d seen the name on blogrolls before, but hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until recently. As in-your-face as the blog name itself is the photo on the home page, which shows a cute little girl making an angry face and giving the finger to the […]

Calling a trowel a spade

Santa Fe is home to a lot of artists, and while many of those artists are incredibly talented and produce works of great beauty and originality, there is a fair bit of pretentious drivel masquerading as art as well. The local paper ran a story the other day about Australian artist Nick Mangas who has […]

The worst mother in the world

Is there a mother who doesn’t feel like this is her once in a while? When we yell at the kids over something stupid and feel like a complete jackass afterward. When we sit like a zombie surfing the internet instead of reading to our children like we promised ourselves (or God forbid them) we […]

Who’s afraid of the big black wolf?

“They’re going to try to make you afraid of me,” says Barack Obama. “He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?” Why is it that when someone on the left disapproves of something, or disagrees with something, it’s out of principle, while those of us on the […]

Daddy’s girl

Sometimes I think my husband loves this little beast more than he does me or any of our daughters. Why? Because she loves him with a selfless devotion that would be sickening in a human being, and obeys him instantly and without fail. The dog is indifferent to me, and obeys me about as well […]

We love you, Uncle Mahmoud

Remember all those dewey-eyed socialists who went to the Soviet Union in the 1930s and came back gushing about how swell Uncle Joe was? No, you probably don’t, because not that many people my age will even know whom I mean by “Uncle Joe” and the ones 10 or God forbid 20 years younger will […]

We want cheap gas, and we want it NOW!

Like the beastly little girl in the Chocolate Factory movie, when Americans want something, they want it now. An AP story in the Santa Fe New Mexican the other day complained that even if Republicans got their way and new drilling began, “motorists would feel little or no relief if they did.” Gosh, really? You […]

Bush and the killer tomatoes

Lou Dobbs of CNN calls for President Bush to be impeached because several hundred people (out of several hundred million in the U.S.) have gotten salmonella from eating tomatoes. I’m not the least bit outraged by this demand. It’s really too ludicrous to produce outrage. It’s hilarious, really. My only reaction is sympathy for Jon […]

Days of Wine and Barbies

Not long ago I listened to a segment of Dennis Prager’s radio show about whether parents should introduce their children to drinking alcohol in moderation. The show originally aired on March 27, but I only recently heard it. (Now that I live in Santa Fe, I can’t get Prager live on the radio as I […]

Sage advice

Hugh Hewitt’s commentary is always worth reading, but in the case of his most recent column this is even more true than usual. I hope that John McCain and every Republican in Congress reads it, and thinks about it. For that matter, I hope every Democrat in Congress reads it too, and gets very, very […]

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille

Age has been on my mind more than usual lately, probably because I’m 43 and about to have a baby. Because I had children relatively late in life, I’m in the position of being in a playgroup where I’m old enough to be the mother of some of the other moms. They like different music. They […]

Shoe blogs, Slovenian gold-diggers, and saving the males

Okay, first off, I do not read fashion blogs, and until just now, I had no idea that something called “shoe blogs” even existed. I was reading this article at National Review Online and a link on page 2 (why I clicked, I don’t know; probably just to avoid folding the laundry another five minutes) […]

G. K. Chesterton on the candidates

The Anchoress has found a wonderful quote from G. K. Chesterton that seems to describe the two major party candidates for president in a nutshell: “There are two kinds of peacemakers in the modern world; and they are both, though in various ways, a nuisance. The first peacemaker is the man who goes about saying […]

Deliver us, Lord, from the swing voter

For the first time in my life, my vote for president may actually matter. Until two years ago, I lived in California, as true a blue state as can be. But now I’m a New Mexican, and my state appears as purple on all those red-state-blue-state maps. New Mexico’s electoral votes went to the Democratic […]

Be patriotic – have a baby, and get an SUV for your trouble

With the Russian birthrate far below the level needed to sustain the country’s population, the central Russian province of Ulyanovsk celebrated Russian Independence Day on June 12 by giving TVs, refrigerators, jeeps and even new houses as prizes for women giving birth on that day. Nine months earlier, Sept. 12, had been declared the Day […]

How does this affect me, Al Franken?

Remember that bit from SNL back when the show was still funny instead of filthy and Franken was still a comedian instead of the Democratic nominee for a U.S. Senate seat? Well, it reminds me of parenthood, because children are every bit as narcissistic – or more, if possible – than Franken’s character in that […]

But they will never take our FREEDOM!


Contemplating the maternal urge to nest the other day, I started thinking about what feminist theorists derisively term essentialism, the idea that there are essential differences between men and women. I heard this term for the first time my first semester in grad school, when the USC History Department’s mandatory seminar for first year students […]

Who’s to blame for gas prices?

One nice thing about having a blog is that when your local paper opts not to print your letter to the editor, you can self-publish it. So here goes — The Santa Fe New Mexican’s June 10 editorial opens with the sarcastic observation, “Four-dollar-a-gallon gas, the latest manifestation of Republican prosperity, struck Santa Fe during […]

Nesting and listing

Every mother knows what “nesting” is. Other people probably think I’m talking about birds. It’s the instinct that drives an expectant mother to get her house (“nest”) in order before the baby comes. Hence no blog post yesterday. Too many home repairs and improvements to arrange, too many baby clothes to sort and wash, too […]

A family to remember

Don’t read this if you don’t want to be sickened by man’s inhumanity to man. And don’t watch the video if you don’t want to cry.

Meaningless awards and phony self-esteem

Bookworm writes about an experience that illustrates a growing problem with child-rearing. Her children were invited to an award ceremony at their school to honor their good qualities. Her children did not want to go, saying that everyone was getting an award and the awards didn’t mean anything. She tells an engaging story about an […]

No more nurseries?

What do you mean you don’t HAVE a nursery????? This was my dumbfounded response when I toured the maternity ward (the only one in Santa Fe) where I’ll be delivering next month. The hospital where I had my other three children had one, and since all my deliveries were c-section and I wasn’t quite up […]

The Worst Person in the World

A fellow New Mexican blogger at The Donegal Express asks rhetorically, “Did you ever notice how the Left always goes on about how “the Right” wants to install Big Brother and bring about the totalitarian dystopia of 1984, yet it took Keith Olbermann and the unhinged Left to bring us the Two Minute Hate.” Remarking […]

Wherefore art thou Ethelbald?

If Romeo and Juliet had been called Ethelbald and Hildegarde, would their names be synonymous with romance? Names have been on my mind lately, since we have to choose one for our fourth daughter next month. Our first and third daughters have traditional, mainstream names, Elizabeth and Theresa, and we didn’t catch any flak about […]

Oppose Obama for the right reasons

Pictures like this one, and others of Sen. Obama sporting turbans or crescents, circulate in cyberspace along with e-mails warning us that Obama is really a Muslim. As a conservative, as a Christian, and as a Republican, I am deeply embarrassed by this sort of thing, and wish fervently that it would stop. I oppose […]

DNA explodes Greek myth about women – or maybe NOT

The Guardian‘s headline reads, “DNA explodes Greek myth about women,” but after reading the story, I’m not particularly impressed by the magnitude of the explosion. In the 1870s Heinrich Schliemann excavated the Bronze Age tombs of Mycenae, which contained 35 bodies and a great deal of treasure, including the gold funerary mask pictured at left. […]

Maybe now Michelle can stop whining and be happy

They kept “raising the bar” so that poor Barack just couldn’t catch a break. In a speech last month, Mrs. Obama complained bitterly that “they” (whoever “they” are – maybe the media that was rooting so hard for Mr. Obama that every time Sen. Clinton won another primary, they demanded to know why she wouldn’t […]

Simple Woman’s Daybook

Saw this first on Melissa’s blog, and followed the link to The Simple Woman, a blog I’d never seen before, to find that 82 other bloggers have put it on their blogs, so I thought since I was up and sleepless I’d jump on the bandwagon. FOR TODAY, June 4, 2008… Outside My Window…it is […]

Catholic in the Bible Belt

Today on the Paragraph Farmer, my friend and fellow Catholic Patrick O’Hannigan shares a story about an earnest Protestant woman who stopped him in a parking lot to pray over him because she saw that he walked with a limp. “Do you know the Lord?” the woman asked him before then asking if she could […]

Proud to be a lifelong, kid-free environmentalist

That’s how Warren Dunn signs himself in a “My View” piece in the Santa Fe New Mexican entitled “Fewer children will leave fewer carbon footprints.” Worried about deforestation, global warming and “the possible demise of our species,” Dunn calls for free vasectomies and tubal ligations, and replacing tax deductions for having children with rewards for […]

Should Homeschooling Be Illegal?

This is the title of a brief article in yesterday’s Parade section of the Santa Fe New Mexican. I missed it, since I didn’t get past the front page, local news and opinion sections. My conscientious friend and fellow homeschooling mom Melissa alerted our local homeschooling e-mail list. There was nothing really new in the […]

Work in progress

This is a new blog, and very much a work in progress. I am still getting to know WordPress and trying to figure out the quirks in the theme I’m using. My “About” and “Contact” links, which were on the sidebar yesterday, have disappeared today. Until I figure out how to get them back, my […]

Married priest ordained at St. Francis Cathedral

As reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Archbishop Michael Sheehan ordained three priests at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi here in Santa Fe yesterday, and one of the three was Jeffrey Whorton, a married father of five. Father Whorton’s ordination does not mean that the Catholic Church has abandoned the celibacy […]