Who’s to blame for gas prices?

One nice thing about having a blog is that when your local paper opts not to print your letter to the editor, you can self-publish it. So here goes —

The Santa Fe New Mexican’s June 10 editorial opens with the sarcastic observation, “Four-dollar-a-gallon gas, the latest manifestation of Republican prosperity, struck Santa Fe during the past weekend…” So this is a problem created by Republicans? Let’s see, Congressmen and Senators from which party consistently vote against drilling for the vast reserves of oil in Alaska? Against drilling for the vast reserves of oil located off shore? Against building more refineries? Against building nuclear power plants that would take some of the strain off the demand for oil and natural gas? Until Democrats in Congress start doing something other than blocking any solutions to this country’s energy crisis, I respectfully suggest that the editorial staff of the New Mexican turn their gaze a bit toward the left in looking for a scapegoat upon whom to vent their spleen.

Update: June 15, 2008 — I spoke too soon. The paper did print the letter. In the past they’ve never waited so long, but looks like they were just saving up all the ones about gas prices the front page of the Sunday Opinion section.

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