A tale of two scholar-mothers

Bitch PhD is a blog I’ve just discovered. I’d seen the name on blogrolls before, but hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until recently. As in-your-face as the blog name itself is the photo on the home page, which shows a cute little girl making an angry face and giving the finger to the camera. Classy.

Why post about it? The anonymous author of Bitch PhD is my opposite in many ways — as outspoken in her political leftism as I am in my conservatism, as defiantly unashamed of her messy house as I would be aghast to have anyone see mine in such a state, and as free and easy with profanity as I am careful to curtail it. Moreover, she has one child and continues to work in her field, whereas I have four children and have committed the ultimate feminist crime of becoming a stay-at-home-mother while my academic credentials gather dust.

But for all that we are both married women, mothers, and holders of PhDs, and for all our differences, there are some of her posts to which I could really relate. Like the one about the pompous ass in her field (I’ve met more than a few like him in mine, before I stopped working in mine, of course). Or like the ones in defense of having children and even – gasp – having them young.

She would hate the political parts of my blog (and a lot of it is political), but I’ll continue to stop by hers from time to time, because I’ve always liked to read things that don’t simply parrot my own thoughts. When I was a good young Democrat in college (mea culpa, but I was raised that way; my parents are still very liberal), this meant sneaking off to read National Review in the university library. Now that I’m part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, it means subscribing to a liberal rag like my local paper and blogs like Bitch PhD.

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