Nesting and listing

Every mother knows what “nesting” is. Other people probably think I’m talking about birds. It’s the instinct that drives an expectant mother to get her house (“nest”) in order before the baby comes. Hence no blog post yesterday. Too many home repairs and improvements to arrange, too many baby clothes to sort and wash, too many lists to make of still more domestic projects.

I love lists. I make them constantly, compulsively. I even keep paper and pencil in the little tray under my car radio so that I can make them at red lights. My husband already teases me about having OCD, but if he knew the extent of my listing compulsion (which he will now, since he reads the blog) he’d really think I was a clinical case.

No more listing or nesting tonight though. It’s past the bedtime of anyone who can count on being woken up early by a 3-year-old announcing, “Mom, it’s morning time!”

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