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The lazy shrew and the breeder pig

Last year there was a discussion on an e-mail list I’m on about the Duggars, the notoriously large family of 17 (soon to be 18) children. There were comments about how that was too many children to give individual attention to each, a snide comment or two about Mrs. Duggar’s hairstyle, and the general consensus […]

Jerome Block represents the working man’s party?

Jerome Block, candidate for the Public Regulation Commision, is a Democrat, and Democrats generally claim that theirs is the party that represents the working man, the common man. They cast the GOP as the party of rich fat cats and spoiled second-generation politicians born with silver spoons in their mouths — like George W. Bush […]

Santa Fe spin on senate race

With a new baby in the house, I haven’t been keeping up with the newspaper as well as I usually do, so I missed the Santa Fe New Mexican‘s AP story last Wednesday, July 23, about Tom Udall‘s call for debates in his U.S. Senate race against Steve Pearce. In the print version of the […]

Parents is the craziest peoples!

Since I’ve started blogging about parenting issues, my friends have started sending me URL links to whatever loony parent stories they read online. Martha Brozyna, the nation’s foremost expert on sexual deviancy in medieval Poland, one of probably about twelve people in America besides me and Victor Davis Hanson who have PhDs in history and […]

Bouncing back after baby

British mother of 13 (soon to be 14) Joanne Watson was featured in a Daily Mail story the other day. One photo in the story shows the 37-year-old blonde Mrs. Watson with her blond husband and baker’s dozen of mostly blond and beautiful children. The other photo is a full-length shot of an amazingly slim […]

Which circle of hell for pornographers?

When I set up this blog, I wanted to make it easy for people to post comments, but alas, the spam-pornographers are making this increasingly difficult. Since yesterday, I have had hundreds of spam comments and trackbacks added to almost every post on this blog. I just set up a new spam-blocking program (I already […]

To boldly go…

As I was reading Maureen Dowd’s cleverly titled column “Ich Bin Ein Jet-Setter” about Barack Obama’s world tour, the phrase “he will have to successfully complete a number of tasks” jumped out at me: yet another split infinitive appearing in what is arguably our nation’s most illustrious newspaper, The New York Times, written by one […]

C-section moms to the back of the bus

For years I’ve been reading about how there are too many cesarean deliveries performed in this country, that vain celebrity moms choose c-sections to have smaller babies and preserve their figures or suit the convenience of their schedules or avoid some of the potential after-effects of vaginal birth. We hear repeatedly from natural childbirth advocates […]

Portia Louise, home at last

Portia Louise Russell and her exhausted but deliriously happy mother came home from the hospital on Sunday, and it’s taken this long for me to get around to writing about it. First, the name. Portia is the name we had in mind when I wrote my earlier post about baby names, but I was keeping […]

Off to the hospital

I’m off to the hospital (the one without the nursery) for my c-section in the morning, so there won’t be any posts for at least two days. Hopefully day three will find Baby Sis and me back home again, and if I feel up to it, back at the computer. Please say a prayer for […]

Jerome Block, Jr.: booze, bushes and a bad memory

Last month Jerome Block, Jr., won the Democratic primary election for a seat on the PRC (that’s Public Regulation Commission, not People’s Republic of China; I was a bit perplexed when I first moved to Santa Fe and started seeing PRC referred to without explanation in the newspaper). Since no Republicans even bothered to run, […]

Cup o’ Job

For many years I’ve given regular thanks to God for creating coffee. I’ve loved coffee since I was a teenager. I drank it black and doing so may well have saved me from obesity. I love food, and the battle between my appetite and my vanity would have been a pretty evenly matched one, had […]

Look who’s reading

When you blog, you never know who’s reading, unless they comment, and most don’t, since the number of comments on my site is a microscopic fraction of the number of hits I get each day. A friend from an e-mail list mentioned today that she knew how I felt about car DVD players since she’d […]

Fourth of July miscellany

We’ve driven past the Glorieta, NM, battlefield memorial scores (if not hundreds) of times, but today we finally stopped. It’s a makeshift memorial, on private property and maintained by the owner, who has been kind enough to put in nice, flat trails and even to make little makeshift concrete seats and benches under some of […]

What dull world of kids’ trivia?

In her new TimesOnline piece, “Why you shouldn’t let your kids rule your life,” Katie Roiphe trots out the familiar feminist canard about how she found her brain atrophying when she took a year-long maternity leave. She writes: A lot of my friends who don’t work — and it was the same for me when […]

Lazy parenting

Melanie of My World, My Words, writes in a post called “Too Much Lazy Parenting” about a recent trip to a restaurant where she saw not one but two families who had brought portable DVD players to entertain their children so the adults could enjoy their meal in peace and pretty much ignore the kids. […]

Parenting news and blues

Newsweek poses the question: Having Kids Makes You Happy: True or False? The article cites several studies that find parents are in fact less happy than the childless (or childfree, as many prefer to call themselves), and that they have less happy marriages as well. The author, Lorraine Ali, is herself a parent, and counters […]