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When you blog, you never know who’s reading, unless they comment, and most don’t, since the number of comments on my site is a microscopic fraction of the number of hits I get each day. A friend from an e-mail list mentioned today that she knew how I felt about car DVD players since she’d read my blog post about it, and last night my dad (who refuses to use a computer) told me that he’d heard that I wrote about his voting in 1980 because my uncle reads my blog regularly and told him. I had no idea my uncle was reading, since he’s never commented, and he lives in a different state and we haven’t seen each other in years. Sort of makes me wonder who else I may know might be reading, and keeping up with what I’m doing and thinking when I don’t have a clue what they’re doing and thinking.

I never realized how reticent people are about commenting publicly on blogs, because I’ve always been comfortable doing it. Then again, anyone who is comfortable enough writing a blog in the first place is obviously not the kind of person who’s reluctant to speak up publicly. I’ve heard from several people (and indirectly from a couple of others by way of third parties) things like, “I was going to comment on your post about _______, but…” and then offer a reason like they didn’t want to me or any of my readers to be offended. I wouldn’t (can’t speak for the readers) because if I’m going to write a blog and make my opinions part of the public discourse on the internet, then I had better be prepared for people to disagree with them.

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  1. Shannon wrote:

    Rob and I both enjoy your blogs. You have such a way with words. I would love to have your writing ability. :)

    Posted 18 Jul 2008 at 3:06 pm

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