Santa Fe spin on senate race

With a new baby in the house, I haven’t been keeping up with the newspaper as well as I usually do, so I missed the Santa Fe New Mexican‘s AP story last Wednesday, July 23, about Tom Udall‘s call for debates in his U.S. Senate race against Steve Pearce. In the print version of the paper, the headline read, “Udall wants TV showdowns with Pearce.” Online the story is titled “Udall wants TV debates in senate race.” Either way, the headline implies that Udall, the Democrat, is the one pushing for debates in the race, when in fact Republican Pearce has been calling for debates for weeks, with Udall declining to commit until last week. The text of the story includes this fact, but a lot more people glance at headlines than read full stories, and in this case the headline gives a very misleading impression. A more honest headline would have read something like, “Udall finally agrees to debates,” or “Udall joins Pearce in calling for debates.”

Shame on both the Associated Press and the Santa Fe New Mexican for running this story with its disingenuous headline.

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