Definitely not good eats

Last week’s installment of Tantri Wija’s weekly column in the food section of the New Mexican, “Bacon is the New Black,” was particularly clever, skewering the food-trendiness of recent decades “with chefs stacking tiny little squares of shaved daikon radish and beef carpaccio atop one another in artistic towers that look like hats from Fellini movies.” A food trend Wija likes (and so do I) is the return of bacon from its exile during the health-crazed late seventies. I love bacon, and eat it happily with eggs and pancakes, in salads and sandwiches, in potato gratins and whatever else it seems to go with. But not with chocolate.

Yes, I said chocolate. According to our local food critic, our local Whole Foods Market sells a concoction called “Mo’s bacon bar” which contains applewood-smoked bacon. Being a food writer and obviously a good sport, Ms. Wija bought the thing and tried it.

It was amazing. It made me kind of nauseous, but it was amazing. The bacon fat married in a deeply disturbing way with the chocolate to create the culinary equivalent of sex with your boyfriend’s best friend.

I was half hoping she was pulling our leg about the whole thing, so just to make sure I googled “chocolate+bacon” and sure enough, confirmation was forthcoming. Not only can you buy chocolate bars with bacon in them, but there’s even a store that sells whole slices of bacon dipped in chocolate.

Now, I’ve always been a fairly adventurous eater. I’ve tried snails, frogs’ legs, kangaroo (yes, really — and in Paris, even). I’ll try just about anything once that doesn’t contain insects. But I have no plans to head off to Whole Foods and pay $8 for a candy bar with pork in it. As I might have said four decades ago, “I would not, could not, Sam-I-am.” As I would have said three decades ago, “Eeew, gross!” Now I’ll just borrow a phrase from my favorite TV cook, the science-geek culinary genius Alton Brown, and say, “Definitely not good eats.”

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I am not a very adventurous eater and am probably one of the worst people to be married to a chef. It is probably no surprise that I agree with you completely. Eww gross!

    Posted 13 Aug 2008 at 4:00 pm
  2. Martha Brozyna wrote:

    Call me crazy, but the thought of bacon and chocolate together sort of appeals to me. That combination of salty and sweet could be quite yummy. It certainly is decadent.

    Posted 13 Aug 2008 at 6:18 pm
  3. Tantri Wija wrote:

    Now they have chocolate-covered bacon on a stick. In case you’re afraid to touch it with anything but you’re mouth and digestive system, I guess.

    Posted 23 Mar 2009 at 9:26 pm

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