Disappointed in Denver

Is it just me, or does it seem like Bill Clinton is the only one having a really good time at the Democratic National Convention? He was cheerful as all get-out before Hillary’s speech, leaning in close to the good-looking redhead sitting next to him, chatting her up and giving her both barrels of the good ole boy charm that worked so well on Monica and Nina and so many others. Then he was positively beaming tonight during Hillary’s speech, just as though she was giving the oration of a lifetime, and as though she wasn’t wearing just about the ugliest pantsuit I’ve ever seen. Orange, for heaven’s sake! What was she thinking? But old Bill just beamed and beamed, looking for all the world like the cat that ate the canary, dreams of 2012 dancing in his head as he fantasized about the New Kid in Town getting shot down and clearing the way for Hillary’s second chance.

Somebody else wasn’t quite as impressed by the orator in orange. While Bill was beaming, Michelle was glowering. She seemed to be trying to smile, but it came out a grimace every time, except when Hillary said that Michelle would make a great first lady, and then Mrs. O finally cracked a real smile. Of course, Mrs. C’s enthusiastic endorsement of Mrs. O only made her lukewarm, lackluster endorsement or Mr. O seem all the more flaccid in comparison. Basically, her message was, I’m supporting him because I’m a Democrat, and he’s the Democrat nominee, and I don’t want four more years of a Republican president, even though John McCain is my friend. Which of course only served to emphasize that the kid who stole her nomination is not her friend. The whole speech was me-me-me, with an “Oh yeah, Barack agrees with me so vote for him” thrown in every now and then, just to show she’s a team player.

Man, oh, man. With friends like the Clintons, who needs enemies?

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