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Will work for money…or not

Naturally the man I hired to come do yardwork today didn’t show up. This happens quite often around here. I call a handyman or road grader or some other tradesman who placed an ad or put up a flyer and arrange to have him come do some work, then the guy doesn’t show. I ran […]

Senator Obama and John

All the talking heads on TV and online have analyzed the debate in all its myriad aspects by now, so what of earth-shttering importance can be added by a tired materfamilias who had to miss bits of the debate here and there because she wasn’t watching it through the DVR because the only way to […]

Barbie and the shrew

According to my blog’s stat program, the term “Caribou Barbie” is gaining on (but is still well behind) “I hate Kate Gosselin” and “Kate Gosselin shrew” in the keyword search sweepstakes, and poor old Jerome Block, Jr., is now a sad and distant third, eclipsed by two women other women love to hate. And as […]

Doing the right thing

One reason I haven’t posted (besides the four ever-present reasons to whom I’ve given birth) is because I’m trying to fathom exactly what’s going on economically in our country. This crisis is huge, complicated and difficult to understand. It is so easy to manipulate statistics to paint one party or the other as culpable, and […]

A woman or a lady?

Some of you may be tired of hearing about Sarah Palin by now. I meant to take a break from writing about her, but when I read something as provocative as Cintra Wilson’s latest piece of character assassination at, I just have to respond. Wilson opens her diatribe “Pissed about Palin” with the assertion, […]

Free press

Julia Goldberg at Swing State of Mind reported yesterday that Ira Gordon, operations manager of the broadcasting group that includes “Radio Free Santa Fe” (KBAC 98.1 FM) is running editorials immediately after every McCain ad the station airs, editorials that basically tell listeners not to believe what they just heard: His editorial begins by noting […]

Cleaning house

In The Progress Paradox, Gregg Easterbrook details the ways in which people today are materially so much better off than their grandparents were, and yet are no happier, and in many cases far more dissatisfied with their lives. We really are better off than our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, and yet at the same time […]

How did you vote, Tom?

This is the tag line on the commercials Republican Steve Pearce is running in his race against Democrat Tom Udall for the U.S. Senate seat here in New Mexico. My favorite is the one on energy, where Pearce affirms that he is in favor of alternative energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) as well as nuclear […]

Pot, peanut butter and perpetual childhood

First I laughed, and then I felt depressed when I read in the New Mexican this morning the story of a pair of fifty-something morons from New Mexico who were arrested in New Jersey on Tuesday for possession of three pounds of marijuana. I couldn’t find the story online at the New Mexican, but did […]

Caribou Barbie — the crazy, dangerous, castrating bitch

I still haven’t ascertained who coined the nickname Caribou Barbie for Sarah Palin, but it’s spreading through the cyberworld like wildfire. Already on Sept. 3 Wonkette was using the term as though it was nothing new, though I haven’t found any earlier occurrences. The name is actually quite clever. Sexist and demeaning, but clever. Barbie […]

Because I said so…and now I told you so

Finally, a non-political post.  What finally dragged my attention away from the most riveting presidential race in decades?  Those little bugs that swarm around overripe bananas, that’s what.  I don’t know what you call them.  I’m sure a web search for “those little bugs that swarm around overripe bananas” would tell me, but I’m trying really […]

Too sexy for the job

I’m used to having my intelligence insulted when reading the morning paper, but this morning’s assault was not of the garden variety. In the aftermath of Sarah Palin’s stunning convention speech, the opposition has gone nuclear. Rosa Brooks, a professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, writes in an opinion piece for the Los Angeles […]

The baby or the diploma?

A friend e-mailed me with the following comment on one of my recent posts about Sarah Palin: I don’t want to post a comment because I don’t want to appear that I’m against the McCain/Palin ticket, which I’m not. I think Sarah Palin is great, and I don’t think she’s a bad mother because her […]

The new Gipper’s a gal

When I wrote the other day that I wished we Republicans had someone who could pack a Reaganite rhetorical punch, who could charm a crowd the way Bill Clinton does for the other side, I didn’t realize my prayer was about to be answered. When I advocated a McCain-Palin ticket back when people thought I […]

Get back in the kitchen, Sarah!

This comment was posted to my most recent blog entry: Reading the exchange you and Slackonomics author Lisa Chamberlain had about the challenges of parenting (and noting that you haven’t had much time to blog because of the needs of your own children), I’m curious what you think about Gov. Palin campaigning for – and […]