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Julia Goldberg at Swing State of Mind reported yesterday that Ira Gordon, operations manager of the broadcasting group that includes “Radio Free Santa Fe” (KBAC 98.1 FM) is running editorials immediately after every McCain ad the station airs, editorials that basically tell listeners not to believe what they just heard:

His editorial begins by noting that the station has to run political ads regardless of their truthfulness (under federal law). Gordon then goes on to say:

“This election is not about race, gender, age, terrorist fist bumps, cookie recipes, Muslin attire, church pastors, flip flops, lipstick or pigs.” Rather, he notes, the election is about “high gasoline prices, a sinking economy, the war in Iraq, the lack of support for our military vets, global climate change and pollution, corporate greed, the 1 percent getting richer and the poor being ignored.”

Better off than you were eight years ago, Gordon says, then you can only be one person: the CEO of Halliburton.

So McCain pays for ads on KABC, and the radio station follows the ads immediately with a rebuttal essentially calling McCain a liar and all but endorsing Obama — except that Obama isn’t paying for the ads (I mean editorials). Gordon told Goldberg that he ran an editorial after Bush’s ads on the station in 2004 as well. I guess that’s what the “free” in Radio Free Santa Fe means: free ads for Democrats. Now, that’s what I call fair and balanced.

I was trying to figure out whether Ms. Goldberg was being sarcastic when she wrote, “I’m kind of loving Ira Gordon right now,” since I know Dave Maass over at Swing State is a fair-minded guy, and expected fair mindedness from other writers on the site as well. Goldberg titled her post “Radio Free Indeed,” which suggests she was, but the collection of articles she recommended as “worth reading” the other day suggests that perhaps she was not. All five were from at least a vaguely left of center perspective, and one was Maureen Dowd’s latest Sarah Palin hit piece, “Barbies for War!” which is one part people-in-Alaska-hate-Palin to two parts people-in-Wasilla-are-fundamentalist-white-trash-rednecks.

By the way, I’m better off than I was 8 years ago, and I’m not the CEO of Halliburton. There may even be a redneck or two up in Wasilla who may have managed to stay out of the poor house without running Halliburton. If Mr. Gordon over at Radio Free Santa Fe isn’t doing so well, maybe it’s because he’s giving away too much free advertising to the Democrats, and ought to start charging them for it.

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