The new Gipper’s a gal

When I wrote the other day that I wished we Republicans had someone who could pack a Reaganite rhetorical punch, who could charm a crowd the way Bill Clinton does for the other side, I didn’t realize my prayer was about to be answered.

When I advocated a McCain-Palin ticket back when people thought I was crazy for hoping for it, I had no idea that Sarah Palin would be our next Great Communicator. The other day when McCain announced her nomination and she gave her first national political speech, I thought she did a good job, but tonight, seeing her work the old Reagan magic on the crowd at the Republican National Convention, I was absolutely blown away. This woman, whom the Beltway pundits have been dismissing as some small town yokel, has just thrown a huge can of gasoline onto an already volatile campaign.

God, I love politics.

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