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Swing on by

and check out my guest blog on Swing State of Mind, the campaign blog of the Santa Fe Reporter. For my out-of-town friends, SFR is about as left-leaning as a newspaper can be, but in the interest of diversity, they asked me to be their token representative of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy in their lively […]

Why can’t he explain it?

Why, oh why, can’t John McCain explain the economic facts of life in a way Joe the Voter can understand? A woman with whom I’ve been on an e-mail list for years, a woman who describes herself as somewhere between Democrat and Republican, who has been non-political all the 8 years I’ve known her, but […]

Finding the time

I almost quit blogging last week. So often I feel pressed for time, unable to find the time to write the kind of thoughtful posts I’d like to write, and unwilling to write too many of the sort of stream-of-consciousness quickie posts I can dash off between diaper changes and dinner prep. Other times, when […]

My favorite Democrat

Without a doubt, Jerome Block, Jr., is my favorite Democrat. Two years ago, Jeff Armijo held that title, but now it’s Block, hands down. Of all the races for which the Republicans could neglect to nominate a candidate, they had to pick this one. On the other hand, if there was a Republican in the […]

Comedian in Chief

Senators McCain and Obama took turns doing stand-up at the Al Smith dinner earlier this evening, and while Senator Obama turned in a perfectly adequate performance, I have to say that McCain positively shone. I thought he did pretty well in the debate last night, but nowhere near as well as he did at the […]

Can’t sleep

When I told people that Portia was sleeping through the night, I had a feeling I might jinx it. Sure enough, she woke up hungry at 3:30 this morning. If that had been the only nocturnal disturbance, it would have been okay, since she’s only three months old, and infants are expected to wake their […]

Idiots enough to go around

Dave Maass of the Santa Fe Reporter was kind enough to e-mail me a link to his Swing State of Mind post a few days ago, since he knows I can get preoccupied with domestic disturbances (e.g., a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old in danger of killing each other) and forget to check the political blogs […]

Bifocal blues

I’ve finally gotten used to my progressive bifocals. At first I felt as though I’m walking in a pit, and they threw my depth perception off. I’m still careful backing out of parking spaces, but I don’t feel as disoriented as I did. Switching back and forth between the regular glasses and the prescription sunglasses […]


Thanks to all who have checked the site looking in vain for new posts.  This is the longest I’ve gone without posting since beginning.  Multi-tasking is something I’m usually good at, but this week, not so much.  Portia is sleeping through the night, God bless her, but I’m still unaccountably tired.  It’s been a difficult […]