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Dave Maass of the Santa Fe Reporter was kind enough to e-mail me a link to his Swing State of Mind post a few days ago, since he knows I can get preoccupied with domestic disturbances (e.g., a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old in danger of killing each other) and forget to check the political blogs regularly. The post embeds a You Tube video of people at a Palin rally being asked whether they thought Barack Obama was a terrorist.

The answers are shocking, particularly one ignorant voter who says, “It’s in his blood lines.”

I hate to say it, but it sounds like McCain-Palin’s latest strategy is to fan the flames of hatred until some lunatic brings down Obama…in the wolf-from-a-helicopter sense.

I freely admit, there are ignorant people on both sides. There are mean-spirited and small-minded people on both sides. There are people on both sides willing to slander and libel those with whom they disagree. The folks at Democratic Underground and the Daily KOS spring to mind. Visiting the former to cut and paste the URL for this post, the first top listing under “Great Threads” on the main page caught my eye. I won’t post the title since I prefer not to use that sort of language on my blog, but if you click on it, it’ll take you to this example of cogently reasoned political discourse.

Dave Maass knows full well that I deplore the sort of “Obama is a Muslim/a terrorist/the Antichrist” nonsense that some on the right spout. If we’re going to engage in “jackasses support your candidate” games, well, I’d just bet that I could find some You Tube videos of ignorant leftists saying appalling things about McCain and Palin.

The claim that “McCain-Palin’s latest strategy is to fan the flames of hatred until some lunatic brings down Obama” is downright unfair. I don’t for a moment believe that either McCain is hoping some nut job is going to shoot Obama. I don’t believe he would be happy if such a crime were perpetrated. And I think it’s character assassination of the worst kind to allege that he does, and would.

Moreover, to call bringing up Obama’s connections to William Ayers “fanning the flames of hatred” is disingenuous. Obama does have connections to Ayers. Ayers did engage in domestic terrorism. Sorry, but those are facts. Stating facts is not tantamount to issuing a fatwa, and to say that it is — only in the case of Republicans, naturally, since we know that good leftists aren’t potential assassins — is really saying that Republicans had better not ever use any damaging material whatsoever against their opponents, for fear their own ignorant, racist, bigoted followers will grab a gun and shoot their opponents.

Good grief.

To his credit, Dave Maass updated his post after John McCain defended Obama at a town hall meeting, remarking, “Now, that’s the John McCain I remember.” Indeed. That’s the John McCain for whom I’ll be voting.

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