Election Night, Part II

As of 8:27 p.m. Mountain Time, CNN.com has Obama and McCain neck and neck in the popular vote count: roughly 28.7 million (50%) for Obama and 27.6 million (49%) for McCain. The electoral count, however, isn’t close at all: 207 for Obama, 135 for McCain.

I well recall the fury of the left in 2000, when the popular vote was a toss-up but Bush won the electoral vote. There was a lot of talk about how elitist, how unfair, how disenfranchising, blah, blah, the electoral college was. It will be interesting in the extreme to hear the reaction if the popular vote this time is a dead heat while Obama coasts to an easy electoral victory. I predict that what we will hear will be, in fact, a deafening silence.

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