Monthly Archives December 2008

Rituals human and divine

As I sat in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi on Christmas eve, listening to my daughters and the rest of the children’s choir singing about the nativity of the Lord, I couldn’t help thinking about an article I’d read in the New Mexican a few days before about secular humanist parents: They […]

Excuse me for breeding and cluttering up your world

The other day (I started this post the day of, but never found time to finish it) my three youngest daughters and I were at the grocery store, and I’m trying as usual to keep them from getting in people’s way. When they temporarily block other shoppers’ paths, most people smile indulgently and say it’s […]

Dumb and dumber

I can’t decide who’s dumber: the genius who came up with the idea of giving the car companies $40 billion when the Senate already voted not to give them $17 billion, or the governor of Illinois. Watching Rod Blagojevich act like everything’s fine, go on about his business governing the state, and refuse to resign […]

Toilet training future adults

Please, please, please, think it through very carefully before you blog about your children’s bowel movements, or post a You Tube video of your child dancing naked and singing about successful defecation, and then zoom in for a close-up of the chef d’oeuvre the little prodigy has produced in the potty. You don’t think people […]

Live pigs, dead pigs, and disenfranchised voters

Why do I read the Santa Fe New Mexican’s letters to the editor? If my husband and I are both in a good mood and we read them together, we can have a good laugh about them, but reading them alone just depresses me about the state of our poor, pitiful democratic republic when so […]

Cooking with kids

No blog posts for the past few days, since I’ve been busy doing all those things good mothers (the kind who don’t sit on their computers blogging and reading blogs while their kids sit on the other computer doing who knows what) do — taking them on exhausting outings, reading to them, and letting them […]

Names from the past

A friend from high school, one of only two I’ve kept in touch with, recently joined Facebook and sent me a friends request. She’d been Googling other friends from long ago, and it suddenly occurred to me that if anyone who knew me 20 years ago or more was looking for me, they’d have a […]

Find a grave

Just found this website, thanks to my husband’s investigation of his family tree. This is the grave of his great-grandfather, who was apparently quite the pillar of the community in Ida Grove, Iowa. This is the grave of my great-great-grandparents in Cotopaxi, Colorado, which unfortunately doesn’t include the obituary information that appears on most of […]

It’s, like, too boring

A special election. A senate race run-off. Two dreary old white guys running. Yawn. I’ve got better things to do. Apparently this was the attitude of a lot of young voters who flocked to the polls to elect Barack Obama president. True, McCain did win in Georgia, but not by anywhere near the margin Saxby […]

Can’t say no

Parents are writing letters to toy companies asking them to stop targeting ads at kids. According to the AP story (link here to the USA today version), The letter-writing initiative was launched by the Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which says roughly 1,400 of its members and supporters have contacted 24 leading toy companies […]