Life intervenes

Your regularly scheduled dose of my political pontifications has been delayed. I am drowning in a sea of things that needed to be done yesterday or the day before or the week before. I’m dying to write about this Illinois state senator I saw on Hardball last week, but if I don’t get caught up with the bills and banking and tax prep and schooling prep and all the other things that are piling up, well, it just won’t be pretty. It already isn’t.

Someone made a snide comment in e-mail the other day about people who have so much time on their hands they can sit around blogging. Well, today I won’t be sitting around blogging. My kids need me. It’s serious stuff, this parenting business. The stakes are so high. I mean, you don’t want your kids growing up and living on skid row, or having octuplets plus six other children out of wedlock, or being governor of Illinois, right?

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  1. S Kerns wrote:

    Oh how I understand. But your blogs will be missed in our home until you can get caught up. So wishing you God Speed!!! 😉

    Posted 09 Feb 2009 at 6:54 pm
  2. Julia wrote:

    Skid row or Gov. of Illinois…wow, tough choice!

    Posted 09 Feb 2009 at 10:21 pm

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