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Building houses and bilking firemen in the City Different

My column in the New Mexico Independent today discusses the relationship between the government-financed building of “affordable housing” and the fiscal belt-tightening that has led the top brass of the Santa Fe Fire Department in its entirety to take early retirement. Our local city government cutting costs in a destructive way with its right hand, […]

Fiscal flotsam and jetsam

I’ve been trying to get a new blog post out for days, but it’s the wrong time of year for getting anything done — anything but taxes, that is. Every time I have a spare moment to sit down and write, my husband calls with another request for financial information. We go through this every […]

Bribes, bonuses and bills of attainder

My column at the New Mexico Independent this week concerns the AIG bonus scandal and the ensuing hypocrisy and unconstitutional legislation coming out of Congress. Already the comments decrying my “partisan ranting” have begun. So odd, because I don’t think I ranted in the least. Decide for yourself.

Death to independent thinking by Democrats

The die is cast. Or should I say, the decision not to make them die is cast? And yet, Hamlet-like, our good Governor Richardson still has his doubts: “I believe it’s the right decision. My conscience feels good, but I am still troubled,” Richardson said, by way of explaining his decision to repeal the death […]

I’ll make you famous

When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in 1991, the hotel where we stayed kept showing the same movies on cable over and over. One of those movies was Young Guns II (1990), starring Emilio Estevez as New Mexico outlaw Billy the Kid. Several times in the movie, when Billy pulled a gun […]

Casting the first stone

Apart from being St. Patrick’s Day, today is also Tuesday, which means my weekly column in the New Mexico Independent is out. This week’s topic is the death penalty, which I naturally support, since I’m also one of those heartless Republicans whom liberals believe take no small joy in causing misery in the lives of […]

Emasculating poor old St. Paddy

As if all the political nonsense I see in the Santa Fe New Mexican wasn’t bad enough, guess what food nonsense I found in there? In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Santacafe, one of the hip and pricey eateries near the Plaza, is offering the following: Homemade Raviolis filled w/Corned Beef, Cabbage, Ricotta Cheese & […]

Live blogging at NM State Senate

I am live blogging here right now. Debate is over the proposed legislation to repeal the death penalty in New Mexico. You will probably not be surprised at which side I’m taking. Update: The bill passed 24-18, with a lot of debate that didn’t stand a chance of convincing anyone. If the lower house passes […]

Today, I am so very bipartisan

I think — or at least I hope — that I have at last found a truly bipartisan cause we can all agree on. Mary Jane Garcia (D-Doña Ana), Majority Whip of the New Mexico State Senate, on Tuesday introduced a bill to abolish daylight savings time in the Land of Enchantment. This Republican is […]

I feel your exhaustion

President Obama being too tired to entertain British P.M. Gordon Brown was a hot topic around the blogosphere last week, but because I had something in common with Mr. Obama, I didn’t post about it. You see, I was too tired. My children are 7, 5, 3 and 8 months and, being a deranged lunatic […]

The New Mexico Independent‘s newest columnist

Today marks the debut of my column in the New Mexico Independent. My political commentary will be published every Tuesday, a lone conservative voice meant to bring some diversity of opinion to a publication whose other columnists….well, let’s just say it may be no accident that the commentary is on the left column of the […]

The Right Wing vs. The Right Kind of People

The shock waves of the great Michael Steele vs Rush Limbaugh Whose Party Is It Anyway? Smackdown have reverberated from the East Coast halls of power even unto the furthest reaches of Middle America, my own beloved adopted home state of New Mexico. Brian Colón, chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party got with the […]

A Nanny for Octomom — and the rest of us, too

My blog continues to get more hits from people Googling things like “I hate Kate Gosselin SO much” and “Kate Gosselin crazy bitch” than from anything else, and as a result, a post I wrote last year called Hate Kate continues to garner comments. The most recent one sarcastically quotes one of my comments on […]