Death to independent thinking by Democrats

The die is cast. Or should I say, the decision not to make them die is cast? And yet, Hamlet-like, our good Governor Richardson still has his doubts:

“I believe it’s the right decision. My conscience feels good, but I am still troubled,” Richardson said, by way of explaining his decision to repeal the death penalty.

He paused.

“I still wonder if… I know we did the right thing, but I am not totally, totally convinced that every argument that I have just said to you is accurate,” he said.

He wonders if he did the right thing. I wonder what kind of pressure the most “progressive” members of his party brought to bear upon him. For as we all know, the GOP tolerates pro-choice Republicans and anti-death penalty Republicans and anti-war Republicans and all other manners of dissenters from its official platform, while the Democrats punish dissent within their ranks more harshly. Pro-life Democrats are a thing of the past, pushed out of the party like Zell Miller and Richard Shelby, or pressured into renouncing their past beliefs like Joe Lieberman and Al Gore.

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