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Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court

A few weeks ago, I predicted that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee would definitely be a solid liberal, and would probably be a female Hispanic. I also promised that I would not pillory the nominee. And I won’t. Because there is no point. Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed. If some skeleton is found in her […]

The best government your money can buy

My New Mexico Independent column today is partly a rehash of this post on the Block scandal, but goes farther in meditating on the differences between our purportedly enlightened system and that of the Roman Republic, where the linkage between money and power was straightforward and uncomplicated.

Family portraits, New Mexico Democrat style

Father and son mug shots. That’s something you don’t see every day. Forgive the Schadenfreude. Normally I’m such a nice lady, but today I just can’t seem to help myself. The story in the online New Mexican only has the picture of Jerome Block père. Such a pity. The one of Jerome Block fils (today’s […]

Marco Rubio and the Reagan Revolution

The GOP is not dead. It’s not a damaged brand. It’s taken a hit, but it’s not down for the count, despite the liberal media’s attempts to convince us it is. And when I see passionate, articulate young men like Marco Rubio of Florida on our team, I am content to ignore all the hand-wringing […]

GOPosaur indeed

GOPosaur. That’s what those clever devils over at the Daily Kos have taken to calling the GOP. They have a cute little dinosaur graphic all done up in red, white and blue stars and stripes like the GOP elephant. Because the Party is dying, don’t you know. Well, somebody forgot to tell the Santa Fe […]

Life, liberty and faith

I was so busy yesterday I didn’t even get a chance to link to my NMI column about Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old boy who has been ordered by a court to undergo chemotherapy against his own and his parents’ wishes. They claim their right to the free exercise of their religion is being infringed. But […]

Better by the dozen

What’s kept me from the computer lately is that one of my friends and her children are visiting from out of town this week. This means we now have six children in the house, but the other night we had two other friends over, who also have six children between them, for a total of […]

Mad mad monarchs

I’ve neglected my blog this week, partly because I’ve been sick, and partly because, well, you know. Because I’m still too busy to write a proper post, let me just share with you a very entertaining blog post my friend Martha Brozyna, a medieval historian, has written on Mental Floss. It’s about five mad monarchs, […]

Billions and billions…

I can still hear Carl Sagan’s voice saying it in those old documentaries. He was talking about stars, of course. Today, we think of dollars. Billions and billions of them, swelling our national debt, mortgaging the futures of your children and mine. I get almost physically sick when I dwell for too long on what […]

Bores and bullies need not apply

I’ve always had a completely open – you might even say liberal – comments policy. I wanted a free exchange of ideas on this blog. Unfortunately, my forum has turned into a bully pulpit, where a small number of left-wing radicals who despise everything I stand for mock my political and religious beliefs, bully others […]

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

We don’t know who she or he is yet, but I’m guessing the list of qualifications, in order of importance, goes something like this: 1) Reliable leftist. True believer in abortion rights, gay marriage rights, activist government intervention to right the various wrongs people suffer, etc. Not some cypher who’s going to reveal his true […]

Penny wise, pound foolish on Santa Fe plaza

This week, my New Mexico Independent column is less controversial than usual. At least I think it is. I’m suppose my adoring fan club over there will manage to find something in there proving that I’m a heartless bigot for wanting to keep the grass on Santa Fe plaza.