GOPosaur indeed

GOPosaur. That’s what those clever devils over at the Daily Kos have taken to calling the GOP. They have a cute little dinosaur graphic all done up in red, white and blue stars and stripes like the GOP elephant. Because the Party is dying, don’t you know.

Well, somebody forgot to tell the Santa Fe County Republicans that the Party is supposed to be moribund, because more of them showed up for last night’s meeting than I’ve ever seen at a local GOP event. There were a lot of first timers there, people who have never been involved in Republican politics before, and others who haven’t been in involved for many years.

Some of them had attended the Tea Party, and were energized to see so many other like-minded, concerned citizens in a city where the Obama signs were ubiquitous during last fall’s campaign, a city where you often get the feeling that Republican is a very dirty word, and all the cool people will breathe a huge sigh of relief once the GOPosaur does finally give up the ghost, and lumber off into a tar pit somewhere to rot into petroleum that no drill will ever disturb.

Daily we are informed that the GOP is a damaged brand, that its leaders are throwing temper tantrums and not offering solutions. And yet here are all these new Republican activists, ready to begin the hard work of rebuilding the party from the grassroots.

And Santa Fe isn’t the only place where the Republican grass is starting to take root again. I’m not at all artistic, but maybe somebody who is should start working on a red, white and blue phoenix graphic.

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  1. USS Constitution wrote:

    Over the last eight years, the Republican Party has lost its credibility with the American people. I don’t say that to bash Bush; it’s the truth. We went in promising change: Conservative principles, fiscal responsibility, and morality, and blew almost every promise. Conservative Principles? If bailing out irresponsible business decisions and launching unconstitutional wars is conservative, then yes, the last eight years were conservative. And if the last eight years were conservative, conservatism has received a well deserved black eye. Fiscal Responsibility? As much as I disliked McCain, he had one thing right; government has spent like a drunken sailor and our president and Republican Congress from 04 to 06 did precious little to stop it. Morals? This is the only promise that was delivered on, and even then, only just. Again, I do not mean to bash the Republican Party, but we definitely had our fair share of scandals while in power.
    As a conservative, I can’t help but think that if the last eight years and the last presidential nominee are any indication of the Republican Party’s direction, I want no part of it. Unless the Republican Party does some serious soul searching over the next two to four years, and finds its conservative heart, it may be time for the party to give up the ghost to make room for a real conservative party, such as the Constitution Party. Only time will tell.

    Posted 22 May 2009 at 2:10 am
  2. Towanda wrote:

    I attended the Santa Fe GOP meeting last night. I am not new to political activism, but all of my experience has been in Texas and Kansas, both very red states. I didn’t know what to expect at the meeting in very BLUE Santa Fe. I was quite surprised at the turnout, and the basic organization already underway – mission statement, platform, committees, officers already in place. I was even more surprised at the level of enthusiasm among the people there. No one waited for the open mike part of the meeting to begin jumping in with their thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions. I’ve not seen this kind of excitement before — maybe that comes from living in a blue city and knowing this is our chance to make something happen. Gonna be some fun!

    Posted 22 May 2009 at 3:10 am

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