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Ben Ray Lujan among the most far left in Congress

Today my NMI column discusses northern New Mexico’s Congressman, Ben Ray Lujan, was one of a small House minority voting against an amendment to prevent federal money being used to employ illegal aliens. The issue was such a no-brainer that the Democrat-controlled House voted 349-84 in favor of the amendment, with both other New Mexico […]

Celebrity culture

Yesterday I was writing about Mark Sanford when practically everyone else in the world was writing, talking and at times crying about Michael Jackson. I wonder what infinitesimal percentage of Americans is like me in finding politicians more interesting than celebrities. Today, in order that my readers can be reassured that I’m not a completely […]

Let them read the Constitution

My NMI column this week isi a response to last week’s piece on socialized medicine, which generated over 100 comments, breaking the NMI record. The comment war on today’s column has already begun.

Guest blogging today

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a guest blog, but today I’m doing one for MIT Mommy, who is off on a rustic three-week holiday with her family, with no internet access. Could I survive? Could you? Our society’s dependence on technology, and whether this is a good or bad thing, is the […]

Prayers for Jane

What I went through with Portia is nothing compared to what Patrick and Cathleen are going through now with their daughter Jane. My heart breaks for them. Please say a prayer.

Angry leftists help right wing nut job break record

My editor at NMI tells me I’ve broken their record for comments — 100 so far on my health care column. Many of these, naturally, are from leftists insulting me, telling me I have no idea what I’m talking about, that there are no facts or evidence in the column (um, it’s an opinion piece, […]

The Cathedral

Some recent pictures of my (not so) humble parish church now that the exterior scaffolding has come down, revealing a freshly scrubbed facade. The scaffolding is still up inside, where the new paint job is about three quarters done, and the difference between the “before” and “after” parts is really striking.

Health care is broken but the government can’t fix it

This week’s NM Independent column. It’s already been up long enough for teenage commenters to begin calling me ignorant.

Bookworm summer

It’s summer so we’re on vacation from homeschooling, so I should have more time to blog, not less, right? Somehow it hasn’t worked out that way. Seems like I spend half the day writing down book titles in reading log books. My eldest two daughters signed up for the summer reading program at our public […]

Because hot conservative women have to stick together

Because I know Dave Maass reallly, really misses reading my thoughts on Sarah Palin: I’m a little puzzled as to why people are demanding David Letterman apologize for making a joke about Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter getting knocked up by Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. Are there really people who still don’t understand that making lewd jokes […]

How did I become a soccer mom?

There are cleats and shin-guards and absurdly long socks all over my house. I am driving three different children to three different practices at two different parks on three different days, and trying to fit meals and swimming lessons and all the rest in somehow. Wake me up and tell me I’ve been dreaming. Please. […]

When murder isn’t murder at all

Last month, a Santa Fe man killed his girlfriend Sarah Lovato, their unborn child, and Lovato’s father. Even though the baby was full term, due any day, and he shot his girlfriend in the belly multiple times, Mariano Leyba, Jr., can’t be charged with the baby’s murder, because the baby wasn’t a human being, you […]

Belated blog anniversary

I missed it! I can’t believe I actually missed my own blog anniversary. My first post was May 19, 2008. I remember four days later, during a busy week when I had houseguests, and started writing this post, but never finished it. I haven’t been finishing much lately. Only the necessary things. And the blog […]

Goode show

Mike Judge is a comic genius. I got more good laughs out of King of the Hill than just about any recent show with the exception of South Park. And now — oh, happy day! — Judge has a new show out, The Goode Family. The Goodes, a family whose extreme political correctness provides much […]

Selfishness as social policy

My NMI column today explores how a Santa Fe elementary school’s reprieve from closure — thanks to Governor Bill Richardson’s spreading around some of the New Mexico taxpayers’ wealth — illustrates a very big problem in American society as a whole.