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Mike Judge is a comic genius. I got more good laughs out of King of the Hill than just about any recent show with the exception of South Park. And now — oh, happy day! — Judge has a new show out, The Goode Family.

The Goodes, a family whose extreme political correctness provides much of the show’s comic fodder, don’t have much in common with the conservative, blue collar Hills, but there are similarities between the two families. Mrs. Goode is, like Peggy Hill, the butt of far more jokes than her husband. This, I suppose, would lead feminists to label Judge a misogynist, but I think it’s just because as a guy, he identifies more with guys, and this makes him give a little more common sense and humanity to his lead male characters.

The show premiered last Wednesday, but I didn’t hear about it until Friday, so I watched it on Hulu. I had heard it lampooned leftists, but as Mike Judge is no dummy, there were a few barbs at the far right thrown in to season the mix.

The show is hilarious. Go watch it.

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  1. Foxfier wrote:

    My husband says “thank you”– they have the Jackie Chan cartoon on Hulu, and we got to listen to Mail Call all morning….

    Posted 03 Jun 2009 at 2:13 am
  2. Amanda -Amy's sister wrote:

    Brigette! We have something in common! 😉 I like The Goode Family, too – though I’m not quite unbiased about it since my roommate works on the show (as the color supervisor.)

    Posted 06 Jun 2009 at 4:24 am

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