Luján healthcare townhall tonight

Today, Mon. Aug 17 at 7:00 p.m. Northern New Mexico’s Congressman, Ben Ray Luján, is holding a healthcare town hall at the Unitarian Church at 107 W. Barcelona Rd.  It will feature a panel discussion with  health care professionals — no doubt cherrypicked by Mr. Luján so that they will all say health care reform is vital, and the Democratic plan is just what we need.

As it happens, there is a GOP event at La Posada this evening, and most of the Republican leadership in Santa Fe will be there, and so not available to attend the townhall.   What a coincidence!

The townhall was announced only a few days ago, no doubt to lessen the possibility of any coordinated activity GOP hooligans — that’s what our wonderful and impartial local paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican, considers us, to judge from the admonition in its editorial on Saturday:

While many in liberal Santa Fe probably support health-care reform, especially with so many self-employed people who must find insurance outside of the workplace, we trust that those who oppose reform can discuss their concerns without the shouting and hooliganism that has occurred elsewhere in the country.

These town halls, rather than a shouting match, should be a place for citizens to talk to their elected leaders — a discussion that should result in both leaving better informed.

The problem is that so many of our elected leaders have already made up their minds to support this disastrous plan, and they are not in the least interested in becoming “better informed” by hearing what their constituents have to say.  They think we’re a contemptible lot of rabble-rousing hooligans who are too ignorant to know what’s best for us, but since that pesky First Amendment gives us dumb rednecks the right to speak our mind, they have to go through the charade that they are listening.

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