OH Mommy kicks off her stilettos and gets political

OH Mommy is the moniker of Pauline Karwowski, author of the blog Classy Chaos.  She’s listed on my friend MIT Mommy‘s blogroll, and I stop by periodically for a dose of something light and entertaining when I’ve had enough for the moment of politics.  OH Mommy never writes about politics, or at least not that I’ve seen in my strolls around her site.  She writes about her children and shopping for shoes and other feminine pursuits.

Yeah, well, not today, she doesn’t.  Today, the heretofore apolitical OH Mommy has written an impassioned attack on the government health care plan being proposed by the Democrats.  It was a follow-up to Saturday’s post, entitled Because no one reads blogs on the weekend… here’s a political post.  She found out otherwise, when the post garnered 121 comments.

Karwowski’s post is significant not because she has said anything I or any number of political writers haven’t said already.  It is significant because, until now, she has not been writing about politics, and now she is.  Why?  Because she is frightened by the direction the statists in charge of our government want to take this country.   And well she might be.  She immigrated to the United States from Poland at age five, and there’s nothing like having loved ones who have lived under the iron boot of communism to make you appreciate liberty more than the average upscale suburban soccer mom.

As I wrote not too long ago, I believe the rumors of the death of conservatism in this country have been greatly exaggerated.  I believe that there are a lot of OH Mommys out there, women and men who haven’t been all that political up to now, but who are getting scared at the direction things are taking.  Damn scared.

So let me second OH Mommy’s closing words today

Our voices can be heard.  It’s time to stop corporations and special interest groups dictating what our elected officials do.  Write your representatives. Call them.  Blog about it people!  Don’t be afraid if someone will call you a self righteous soccer mom who got married too early and has no concept of real life.  If you don’t like something or have an idea…. Let your voice be heard.

I will hold your hand.

I will, too.

Update — Also speaking out:  MIT Mommy, [your blog post here].

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  1. Jill wrote:

    I loved Pauline’s post and I applaud her for getting political. I agree with everything she had to say and wish more people would speak up!!! This is serious business.

    Posted 20 Aug 2009 at 9:42 pm
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