Santa Fe’s next mayor

Ah, the New Mexican.  I can always count on them for unbiased journalism.  The bold headline on yesterday morning’s top story was

‘A real grudge match’

The match is the mayoral race between incumbent David Coss and recently announced challenger Asenath Kepler.  The grudge, the paper obviously means to imply, is Kepler’s, since she had served as city manager until Coss got the city council to fire her.  The actual quote (which is why the headline actually ran inside quotation marks) is anonymous.  I quote (non-anonymously) from SFNM reporter Julie Ann Grimm’s story:

Although other candidates could still try to get on the March 2 ballot, the contest between Coss and Kepler is shaping up as a polarizing race, even if no other contenders emerge before a December deadline. “That’s going to be a real grudge match,” said one politics watcher.

Said one politics watcher.  A “politics watcher.”  An unnamed “politics watcher.”  What, exactly, is a politics watcher?  I watch politics, so I guess that makes me a politics watcher. By that standard, so are my husband, my aunt and my best friend.  So are my hairdresser and my husband’s barber, for that matter.

And because an anonymous “politics watcher” (the reporter’s aunt or hairdresser, perhaps?) calls the race a grudge match, the New Mexican’s editor decided that would make a catchy title.  Never mind that it basically dismisses Kepler as a vindictive former employee out to get revenge on her former boss.  Never mind that maybe, just maybe, Kepler really does think Coss is doing a poor job as mayor, and that she could do better.

Unlike the folks at the New Mexican, I make no claim to impartiality.  I know Asenath Kepler, and am proud to support her campaign for mayor.  I do not know Mayor Coss personally, but I do know that the city’s burglary rate has more than doubled while he’s been on the job.  The top brass of both police and fire departments took early retirement because they didn’t trust Coss and the city council to treat them fairly.  The graduation rate at Santa Fe public schools is only 54% and a staggering 26 out of Santa Fe’s 31 public schools (that’s 84%) failed to meet Federal No Child Left Behind standards.   Public safety and public education are both in shambles.

If you’d like to hear what Asenath Kepler would do as mayor, you can hear from her directly at Cathedral Park Tuesday, September 1 at 5:30.

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