They’re Uncle Sam’s kids now — he paid for them

My NMI column this week will, I think, become one of my all-time favorites.  Here’s the opening.

When the news came that Santa Fe’s public schools would get some of the federal stimulus bounty being handed out by a benevolent Democratic Congress and president, few suspected that some of that federal pork would turn rancid.

One of the things the school district did with the federal largesse was to fund an after-school program at seven Santa Fe schools, including E.J. Martinez elementary.  First, grateful parents felt the soothing touch of Uncle Sam’s velvet glove.  Only when it was too late did they feel the iron fist inside.

Click here to read the rest.  If you have children — and maybe even if you don’t — this story will shock and appall you.

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  1. MIT Mommy wrote:

    Interesting indeed. The only good out of it is that it might shock a few people into paying a little more attention to the general trend of events. Unfortunately, you are correct in your assessment that the people immediately affected may not be at liberty to do much to complain. The risk of losing daycare may be too much to gamble for some families.

    Although I wouldn’t generally do it, I can’t imagine the feeling I would have if told that I couldn’t pick up my son from school if I chose to do it. The disconnected feeling would be a great psychological blow.

    Posted 03 Sep 2009 at 12:44 am

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