Look who’s shaving her head

My friend Tanya Van Dyke, that’s who.  She’s doing it through St. Baldrick’s, an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research.  It works like this:  someone, like Tanya, agrees to shave her head in order to get her friends and family to donate money to St. Baldrick’s for cancer research.

Personally, you couldn’t pay me (or my favorite charity) enough to shave my head, but Tanya’s less vain than I, and she’s going to — unless she chickens out (she’s pretty fearless) or her husband manages to talk her out of it (he may, but I doubt it).  I won’t shave my head, but I will donate on Tanya’s behalf, since it would be a crying shame if she shaved her lovely hair for nothing.

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  1. MIT Mommy wrote:

    Good for her, and for cancer research. I guess it is hard to doubt someone’s commitment to a cause if they are willing to shave their head for it. I certainly would rather shave my head than have it fall out due to therapy.

    Would I do it? Hmm. I think I would feel too much like a walking billboard for a cause (and everyone in town would think I actually had cancer myself, which would be awkward). Oh, yeah, and I’m vain too like most people. It is a rather big statement. Can I just wear a chicken suit for a week, to prove that I’m too chicken to shave my head?

    Posted 26 Oct 2009 at 7:32 pm

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