The end of the vacation and the Nobel Peace Prize

Today I woke up in my own bed again after ten nights in various hotel beds, couches and air mattresses on the floor.  My back will take a few days to recover, both from that and from far too many hours in the car.  I’d give just about anything to spend the morning at home, doing piles of laundry and sorting through all the junk mail to find the bills, but the girls have religious ed at the Cathedral, then mass, so off I go again.

The penultimate day of our trip began for me at 5:30 a.m., and for my poor husband half an hour earlier, when he awoke in the dark, turned on the laptop and read that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize.  He read it on Free Republic, so he assumed that some Freeper had read a satire in The Onion and made a fool of himself posting it as a genuine story.  A little web surfing disabused him of this very natural assumption.

I write “poor husband” because the man had to sit there for half an hour with no one to whom to express his utter incredulity.  When I woke up and he told me, I said, “Very funny,” and went to the computer.  “No, I’m serious,” he said.  But I wasn’t falling for it.  The guy’s an inveterate joker, and likes nothing better than to telll some outrageous lie and get you to believe it, so he can then laugh at your gullibility.

My first source for news is usually Memeorandum, and sure enough, there it was:  Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize.  I laughed till I cried, literally.  My husband and I laughed so hard together we were both too breathless to explain to Elizabeth, who is a light sleeper and awoke at the sound of so much mirth, what was funny.

After incredulity and hilarity came compassion.  Poor, poor President Obama, I thought.  He must be mortified.  He thinks a lot of himself, but I was sure he would see the absurdity of the award, and could not help but be embarrassed by it.  I have little doubt that Mr. Obama has fantasized about winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but winning it in the eighth and last year of a staggeringly successful two-term presidency over the course of which he’d brought peace and joy to the world.  Nuclear weapons would be a distant memory, Ahmadinejad would bestow the kiss of peace upon Netanyahu, and the lion would lie down with the lamb.

But now those fawning jackasses in Oslo have ruined the fantasy.  They gave him the prize for doing nothing at all, and now even if he does become the greatest peacemaker in the long, bloody history of humankind, there won’t be any meaningful way of recognizing him for it.

The Wall Street Journal editorial says everything I’ve been thinking.  I have no idea what the columnists and bloggers I usually read are saying, because I’ve been too busy traveling and recovering from traveling to read them.  Maybe I’ll update later with some links, but maybe I’ll just do laundry instead.

Update:  laundry.

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