Pearls before swine

Via Memeorandum, I read TV Newser’s report that President Obama spent two and a half hours giving an off-the-record briefing to a small coterie of left-wing media luminaries including Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC (which, unlike Fox News, actually is a news organization), Maureen Dowd, best known for overuse of sexy double-entendres in her New York Times columns,  and Gwen Ifill, author of The Breakthrough:  Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.

It’s still a relatively free country, so Mr. Obama can spend 150 minutes of his time with anyone he likes, but I find it ironic than one of his guests, Mr. Olbermann, complained on his show back in the bad old Bush days of 2006:

The President takes 90 minutes worth of your taxpayer dollars to entertain right-wing radio yackers in the Oval Office…

H/T to Allahpundit at Hot Air for that priceless little gem.

I wonder if the esteemed Mr. Olbermann — a genuine journalist if ever there was one, unlike non-journalists such as Bret Baier, Chris Wallace or Brit Hume at Fox — recalled the remark during the 150 minutes he spent hanging out with the commander in chief and  absorbing his pearls of wisdom?

Now you can stop wondering about the title.

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