The personal and the political

The personal — On the bright side, no one in my house has swine flu yet.  On the not quite so bright side, my washing machine died with a load full of sopping wet, not-yet-clean clothes inside.

The political — I’d say Chris Christie is going to win a big, fat gubernatorial victory, wouldn’t you?

Ricardo Leon Sánchez de Reinaldo, aka Rick Sanchez, fails to toe the CNN party line in the great Taos hotel name Anglicization debate.  This isn’t new, but it’s interesting since Taos is nearby, and it’s been relatively big news here in New Mexico.  Facebook even has a Create an Anglicized Name for Rick Sanchez page, which, as you may well imagine, has quite a few less than flattering suggestions, some of which, predictably, involve a nickname for Richard that rhymes with Rick.  Santa Fe New Mexican columnist Inez Russell (no relation) is a fan, and contributes to the merriment.

Pelosi and company have delivered a 1990 page health care monstrosity. War and Peace is only about a thousand pages.  So is Gone With the Wind.  So if you were going to read the whole health care bill, it would be like sitting down and reading War and Peace from cover to cover, then immediately picking up Gone With the Wind and reading that cover to cover too — except that both of those books have interesting plots that hold your attention, and aren’t written in dense and dreary legelese.  That’s not new news either, but it’s been a busy week, non-politically speaking.  As usual.

So, off to the laundromat, I guess, kids in tow.  Dragging wet and dirty laundry across town is enough to take most busy moms’ minds off politics — and that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi et al. are counting on.  We’re all too busy with our own lives and our own problems to pay attention to politics.  Well, not this mom.

Not this one either.   Thanks, Pauline.   Thanks for staying in the game.

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  1. John Hitchcock wrote:

    The blogsite “Gold-Plated Witch On Wheels” found where the Democrat/Pelosi 1990-page monstrosity will PUNISH any state that enacts any meaningful TORT reform. I gave Sharon (the owner of the site) a H/T for my article on that. Then I followed a “Head Noises” sidebar article to the site “Caffienated Thoughts” where abortion on demand is specifically paid for.

    If those two dandies have been found already, imagine what else is in this unconstitutional bill.

    Posted 31 Oct 2009 at 6:08 am
  2. John Hitchcock wrote:

    oops, a bit dyslexic there, “Caffeinated Thoughts”

    Posted 31 Oct 2009 at 6:10 am

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