A post, finally, amid snow flurries, typing lessons and sneaky back-door tax increase elections

Just a quick note to let my readers know I haven’t taken leave of the land of the living.  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks.  I’ve done some reassessment of priorities, and have really focused on getting our schooing routine in order and, to a lesser extent, getting my exercise regimen going again.  Just keeping up with the everyday things has left me with less computer time than usual, and when I’m here, I’m usually getting caught up on the news rather than commenting on it.  I don’t have time for both, and one can’t do the latter without first doing the former.

It snowed last night and this morning, the second or maybe the third time this fall.  Or is it winter now?  With snow on the ground, it’s sort of hard to think of it as autumn still, but I suppose it is.  This will be my fourth winter in Santa Fe, and snow is finally starting to seem like a normal part of life.

Today was a busy day.  Religious ed for the girls in the morning, and for me one of those parent classes Catholic churches make us take when our kids are preparing for sacraments (Elizabeth will make her first confession and first communion this year).  Keeping Portia relatively calm while being taught things I already know left me tired.

Then it was off to lunch (the pizza place which Portia trashed by throwing all her food on the floor) and then the babysitter’s to leave the kids while I went to the GOP phone bank and made a lot of calls about the election this Tuesday to increase the Santa Fe County sales tax.  I convinced two people who were planning to vote yes to vote no instead, and informed quite a few people who hadn’t heard there was even going to be an election (it’s a single-issue ballot and the sneaky bastards know people don’t pay attention when it’s not a presidential or gubernatorial election) when and where they should vote.  That was tiring, too, but worth doing.

The little girls are in bed but the big girls are up way past their bedtime, transfixed by Typing Instructor for Kids, which my friend and fellow homeshooling mom Lisa recommended, and for which I thank her profusely.  I’ve been wanting to teach them to type properly, using the correct fingers, for ages, but just couldn’t seem to get around to finding the right program.  Thanks to Lisa, we found it, and the girls love it and are really doing well.  We’ve only just started using it, but so far I’m very impressed.

Meanwhile, around the blogosphere, my friend MIT Mommy is having fun and being very silly in Japan.  Anne, the Palm Tree Pundit, gave me a quote of the day post, an honor which I share with Mark Steyn.  It’s not every day I’m placed in such august company.  Mahalo, Anne.  Pauline is writing her post titles in Polish again.  Patrick is reading his fellow Hawaiian (that’s the President for the non-birthers among us) the riot act again.

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  1. R Thomas Berner wrote:

    That tax is going to help pay for better fire protection in my neighborhood. Once again, the Republicans have dumped on themselves. See my letter to the editor in the New Mexican in the next few days.

    Posted 16 Nov 2009 at 5:48 pm
  2. Brigette Russell wrote:

    Um, County spending has increased from $85 million in 2004 to $215 million in 2009. Now they claim desperately to need $2.2 million for fire equipment that’s woefully inadequate.

    The $130 million dollar question (that’s the amount of spending increase, for those of you not mathematically inclined) is why the devil didn’t they spend some of those hundreds of millions on the VERY, VERY NECESSARY fire equipment instead of all the various and sundry non-essentials they HAVE spent it on.

    We gave them hundreds of millions, and they misspent it, and now they want more.

    If you send your kid at college a check for $5,000 that was supposed to get him through the semester for food, books, gas and other essentials, and he bought a wide-screen TV and spent the rest drinking in bars, and called you to say he couldn’t afford food and was starving, would you send him another check? And if you did send him the check, do you think he would learn that (a) he needed to budget more carefully in future, or (b) Dad’s a sucker for a sob story, so party on?

    I live in the unincorporated County, too. It’s my neighborhood that ALLEGEDLY lacks proper fire protection, too. But I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, and call the County Commission’s extortionistic bluff.

    Posted 16 Nov 2009 at 8:57 pm

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