Take two aspirin and call me when you’re terminal

First we heard that 40-something women like myself no longer need to have mammograms, and women over 50 don’t need them annually.  Now we get to cut back on Pap smears to test for cervical cancer as well.

Over the next week or so, presumably, we can expect to hear that prostate screenings can be pushed back to every 5 years over age 70, and colonoscopies…well, why not just get rid of those nasty things altogether?

Well baby visits for infants will be scaled back to a newborn check in the hospital (an outpatient stay, if possible) and a check-up on the first birthday.  After that, it’s see you when you need to get birth control pills or have an abortion if you’re a girl and, I guess, see you whenever if you’re a boy.  What about vaccinations, you’re thinking.  Well, since all the Lola Granola moms insist they have so much mercury in them that they do more harm than good, why not just dispense with them altogether?

Maybe if we get rid of all that costly, unnecessary diagnostic testing and preventative medicine, we’ll be able to afford nationalized health care after all.  I mean, if we’re all dead before we’re old enough to need nursing home care, paying for it will be a breeze.  Besides, think of the savings to Social Security.  Too bad W. didn’t think of something as beautifully simple as killing off all the old people when he tried so hard to reform Social Security.  Who needs death panels when we can just let everybody die of benign neglect?

Or maybe you think I’m being paranoid?  The New York Times does:

Arriving on the heels of hotly disputed guidelines calling for less use of mammography, the new recommendations might seem like part of a larger plan to slash cancer screening for women. But the timing was coincidental, said Dr. Cheryl B. Iglesia, the chairwoman of a panel in the obstetricians’ group that developed the Pap smear guidelines. The group updates its advice regularly based on new medical information, and Dr. Iglesia said the latest recommendations had been in the works for several years, “long before the Obama health plan came into existence.”

She called the timing crazy, uncanny and “an unfortunate perfect storm,” adding, “There’s no political agenda with regard to these recommendations.”

Thank God.  It’s all just a big, incredible coincidence.  Don’t I feel silly.

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  1. Bowden Russell wrote:

    Right, just a coincidence.

    6 months ago the Pap smear guideline committee was alarmed that the number of women getting routine pap smears was going down, not up and they warned this could lead to higher rates of cervical cancer. Now the same group is saying,”Don’t worry about that!”

    I guess it was all a big mistake.

    Posted 23 Nov 2009 at 4:42 pm
  2. Patrick wrote:

    You’re not silly. And FWIW, Jane says you look just like “Princess Reason” in the book, “The Phantom Toll Booth.”

    Posted 23 Nov 2009 at 5:06 pm
  3. Nicole wrote:

    Love it!

    Posted 23 Nov 2009 at 6:38 pm
  4. Brigette Russell wrote:

    Do you know that I never read The Phantom Toll Booth? So I have no idea who Princess Reason is or what she looks like (though of course, after what Jane said, I’m picturing a much younger me with Disney princess style hair). Did Jane like the book? I’m always on the prowl for books Elizabeth and Cordelia might like.

    Posted 24 Nov 2009 at 1:13 am

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