Am I blue

You’ve seen this picture before.  You’re not seeing a new one because I have been unable to upload new images to my blog for many, many months now, and it’s really got me, well, blue.

It used to be so easy.  I’d press the “insert an image” icon, and then click the “Choose files to upload” button and choose whichever of my many JPEGs struck my fancy.  Now, I click the “Choose files to upload” button and nothing happens.  Nothing at all.

Obviously, I can still use previously uploaded photos, and since the monochromatic monotony of my blog was starting to get to me, I thought I’d re-use a couple of my favorites while I try to figure out how to upload some new ones.

For you young folks, the post title is the name of a very old song.  Please excuse the poor sound quality — not to mention the politically incorrect costuming and props — but Ethel Waters sure can sing.

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