Projections…and projection

Joe Monahan writes about the New Mexico governor’s race,

[S]ome of our analysts see a developing problem for Susana [Martinez] — the strength of GOP lieutenant governor candidate John Sanchez. He is spending heavily on TV and is the favorite to take the prize over Brian Moore and Kent Cravens. But will many GOP voters want to balance their ticket by voting for an Anglo governor candidate and therefore shy away from Martinez? It’s a possibility, but there’s little she can do about it.

I don’t know any Republicans who would have a problem with a Martinez-Sanchez ticket on ethnic grounds.  The people I know who are supporting Weh, Turner, Arnold-Jones, Domenici, Cravens or Moore are not doing so out of the desire for some sort of ethnically balanced ticket.

The idea that any of my fellow Republicans would decide not to vote for a ticket that contained two candidates committed to reining in the out-of-control growth of government that is crippling our state, just because both of those candidates happened to have Spanish surnames, is absurd.

If Democrats really think Republicans are such bigots that we’d rather have more of the Richardson-Denish politics as usual than have a Republican governor and lieutenant governor who share our values and our priorities, then they are simply projecting their own race-obsessed political sensibilities onto us.

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