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The election is over, at long last.  I didn’t win, but with only 16% of the voters in the district being Republican, that wasn’t entirely a surprise.  I hope to be blogging regularly again as soon as the dust settles.  In the meantime, here’s a piece I wrote for Capitol Report New Mexico, one of my favorite NM political news sites — and not just because they invited me to share with their readers what I learned on the campaign trail.

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  1. Rusty Rodke wrote:

    I hope you are applying at for a position in the leadership of the Education Department and other state agencies involved in education. With your credentials and background, you would make a great cabinet secretary. Your thinking on education issues may be more developed than many others on the transition team. The top issues I see in education are: 1. Tie the funding to the student to make schools compete and break the monopoly of the teachers unions on public education. 2. Compare progress of recent immigrants vs long term Hispanics instead of lumping them together to avoid masking the real language needs of the newbies because you are trying to avoid charges of “racism”. 3. Let smarter students get out of high school if they can do well on the GED/ACT/SAT tests as juniors and let them get on with college instead of warehousing them with the gang-bangers. 4. Tort reform to insulate teachers from frivilous lawsuits for reasonable discipline. 5. Avoid the instability of the revolving door of fads like block scheduling of two hours per class one year, one hour classes the next and a mixed hybrid the third year. Each fad promises to solve all problems if they are maintained for four years, but they don’t and a new fad comes along the next year. 6. Hold the unions accountable for teacher results. 7. Stop the social experimentation of mixing all ability levels hoping that the “smart” kids will not be hurt as much as the “dumb” ones will benefit. Why hurt the smart ones? Mixing results in chaotic classrooms with the teacher trying to teach 10 students at 10 individual level, biligually, and not grouping them and teaching the same subject matter only once. 8. Give the dumb kids enough education to make a living. If 40% are dropping out of high school it is a race to give them employment skills before they take off. Independent living skills in junior high might allow them to change their own oil, use a hammer, understand that a one-half inch wrench is bigger than a 3/8th inch wrench, write out a budget and open a bank account. 9. Make the curriculum politically neutral instead of wacko leftist (Obama/terrorist Bill Ayres/pedophile Kevin Jennings/communist Frank Marshall Davis). 10. Stop pandering to the pedophile teachers and reduce the hazing by focussing on competent, sex-neutral, instruction instead of “you have to tolerate me but I won’t tolerate you”.
    Just a few thoughts, R

    Posted 08 Nov 2010 at 6:42 am

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