Life after the legislative session

At long last, I’m writing again.

Not that I haven’t been writing, of course. For the past two months, as an analyst at the New Mexico House of Representatives, I did a great deal of writing, but writing analysis of proposed legislation is a very different business from blogging.   At least it was until the final week of session, when I was tired and occasionally let a little editorializing creep in.

Falling somewhere in between the highly structured and disciplined practice of bill analysis and the stream-of-consciousness anything-goes-ness of blogging is political punditry, and I’m back at that as well.  My first two post-legislative session columns at Capitol Report New Mexico are up:  What’s wrong with the New Mexico Legislature, Part I, and a new one today about Susana Martinez’s planned veto of a tax increase.

I meant to write the first one the day after the session ended, but I couldn’t seem to get enough sleep those first few days after all that I’d missed.  The daylight hours were devoted first to the girls in attempted expiation for having been an absentee mother, and second to exercise, since working 14 hour days was inducing endorphin withdrawal and incipient obesity (I may never again think of the Roundhouse without a double-entendre).

The picture is apropos of nothing.  I just like the New Mexico sky when it looks like this, and for too many weeks I was indoors during the daylight hours and missed seeing it.

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