New Mexico in Focus

I’ll be a panelist on The Line this afternoon, the talking heads portion of New Mexico in Focus, a public television show taped at KNME in Albuquerque.    The show airs on Channel 5 (if you have Comcast) Friday at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 6:30 a.m., but if you’re like me and watch pretty much everything at your convenience on the computer, you can see it here.

Among the topics to be discussed is how legislative efforts to streamline our state government have failed. Capitol Report New Mexico ran a story last year featuring the organizational chart that shows the structure of NM state government.  As the story indicates, Capitol Report managing editor Rob Nikolewski originally found the chart on my Facebook page when I was running for state representative.  The original source is at the NM Legislature’s website.

While I was working at the legislature this past session, I used to stop and look at the wall chart version (3 feet high and nearly 7 feet long) that hung in the House Minority office, and never ceased to be amazed at it.  I actually thought about getting a copy for myself from Legislative Council Services, but decided not to since a) that’s pretty geeky, and b) it might be outdated after the Legislature followed all those Government Restructuring Task Force recommendations and streamlined it.

I should have known better.

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