Moralia is the Latin name for the collected essays of Plutarch of Chaeronea, a Greek biographer and moral philosopher who lived and wrote during the early Roman Empire.

Brigette Russell, author of this blog, came to admire the Moralia and their humane and erudite author while using them as source material for her doctoral dissertation.   Though trained as an ancient historian, she has spent more years in other endeavors than in teaching Greek and Roman history.  After a teaching briefly at Loyola Marymount University (her undergraduate alma mater) and Pepperdine University in her native Los Angeles, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and took a number of years off to be home with her children, spending her days in a world of diapers, dirty dishes and Dr. Seuss.

In a fit of madness that recalls Euripides’ Bacchae, she was persuaded to run for a seat in the New Mexico State Legislature in 2010.  After working as an analyst during the 2011 session of the Legislature, she realized how merciful the gods had been to have allowed her to remain a private citizen.

She has written academic articles for Helios, Greece & Rome, and The Ancient History Bulletin and political commentary for the New Mexico Independent and Capitol Report New Mexico.

Her website is www.BrigetteRussell.com.  She can be reached by e-mail at Brigette at BrigetteRussell dot com.

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