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When are you going to blog about Sarah?

That’s what people have been asking me on Facebook and in e-mail. They don’t bother to add her last name, since Sarah Palin has now joined the ranks of celebrities who can be referred to by first name only — at least in the highly politicized circles in which I travel. I wanted to, I […]

We want cheap gas, and we want it NOW!

Like the beastly little girl in the Chocolate Factory movie, when Americans want something, they want it now. An AP story in the Santa Fe New Mexican the other day complained that even if Republicans got their way and new drilling began, “motorists would feel little or no relief if they did.” Gosh, really? You […]

Who’s to blame for gas prices?

One nice thing about having a blog is that when your local paper opts not to print your letter to the editor, you can self-publish it. So here goes — The Santa Fe New Mexican’s June 10 editorial opens with the sarcastic observation, “Four-dollar-a-gallon gas, the latest manifestation of Republican prosperity, struck Santa Fe during […]