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Parents is the craziest peoples!

Since I’ve started blogging about parenting issues, my friends have started sending me URL links to whatever loony parent stories they read online. Martha Brozyna, the nation’s foremost expert on sexual deviancy in medieval Poland, one of probably about twelve people in America besides me and Victor Davis Hanson who have PhDs in history and […]

Portia Louise, home at last

Portia Louise Russell and her exhausted but deliriously happy mother came home from the hospital on Sunday, and it’s taken this long for me to get around to writing about it. First, the name. Portia is the name we had in mind when I wrote my earlier post about baby names, but I was keeping […]

Wherefore art thou Ethelbald?

If Romeo and Juliet had been called Ethelbald and Hildegarde, would their names be synonymous with romance? Names have been on my mind lately, since we have to choose one for our fourth daughter next month. Our first and third daughters have traditional, mainstream names, Elizabeth and Theresa, and we didn’t catch any flak about […]