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The Morning After

In the months since Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination, Facebook has become a savage place. Friends on both sides have posted ugly, intolerant things. Multiple friends have posted along the lines of “If you’re voting for _________, unfriend me. I don’t want you here.” These come from the left in a ratio of about […]

Pearls before swine

Via Memeorandum, I read TV Newser’s report that President Obama spent two and a half hours giving an off-the-record briefing to a small coterie of left-wing media luminaries including Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC (which, unlike Fox News, actually is a news organization), Maureen Dowd, best known for overuse of sexy double-entendres in […]

The end of the vacation and the Nobel Peace Prize

Today I woke up in my own bed again after ten nights in various hotel beds, couches and air mattresses on the floor.  My back will take a few days to recover, both from that and from far too many hours in the car.  I’d give just about anything to spend the morning at home, […]

You’re all racists

Update:  NMI published this column today, September 27, 2009.  Original post (written September 21) below: You’re all racists — that was to have been the title of my New Mexico Independent column today.  But about an hour after I submitted it, I received an e-mail from my new editor (my previous editor, David Alire Garcia, […]

Worth a click

I’ve been working on the speech I’m giving at the New Mexico Turn Around conference in Albuquerque tomorrow, so I didn’t have time to write a post today. I did want to take time to link to Nice Deb’s excellent post debunking the leftist charges of racism again anyone who has the temerity to criticize […]

Read his lips

Again and again on the campaign trail, he repeated the same mantra.  The words might vary ever so slightly, but the message was the same: Let me say this again:  no family earning less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase.  Period. Every time Old Man McCain would say that Obama was going […]

Do the math

That was my title for my NM Independent column that runs today (or ran yesterday, since I’m late posting the link and most of you won’t read this until Wednesday morning) but my editor changed it.  There are already 16 comments, but I haven’t read them yet as I just arrived at my friend’s house […]

Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court

A few weeks ago, I predicted that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee would definitely be a solid liberal, and would probably be a female Hispanic. I also promised that I would not pillory the nominee. And I won’t. Because there is no point. Judge Sotomayor will be confirmed. If some skeleton is found in her […]

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

We don’t know who she or he is yet, but I’m guessing the list of qualifications, in order of importance, goes something like this: 1) Reliable leftist. True believer in abortion rights, gay marriage rights, activist government intervention to right the various wrongs people suffer, etc. Not some cypher who’s going to reveal his true […]

The courage of her convictions

A few weeks ago when Georgetown University invited President Obama to give the commencement address, I meant to write about it. Then, when the President asked that the crucifix and IHS logo behind the podium be covered, I meant to write about that, too. Now Notre Dame University has also invited the President to give […]

Tea and antipathy

The tea parties, or “teabagging parties” as sophomoric leftists like to call them with tongue (or whatever) firmly in cheek, have generated quite a bit of hot air over the past few days. It didn’t get much hotter than Janeane Garofalo, comedienne, political pundit and, apparently, eminent neuroscientist, on Countdown: You know, there is nothing […]

Why I’m not a Democrat anymore

I’m from a family of Democrats, was raised to be a Democrat, went to college and had Democrat professors echo in more erudite words the same things my parents and grandmother had always said about politics.  But always, there was cognitive dissonance.  I would read things, hear things, that just didn’t add up in the […]

I feel your exhaustion

President Obama being too tired to entertain British P.M. Gordon Brown was a hot topic around the blogosphere last week, but because I had something in common with Mr. Obama, I didn’t post about it. You see, I was too tired. My children are 7, 5, 3 and 8 months and, being a deranged lunatic […]

American Cicero

I don’t know for whom to feel sorrier: Bobby Jindal or me. Governor Jindal is considered one of the rising stars of the Republican Party, and all us evil rethugs had high hopes for his response to President Obama’s address before Congress. But alas, the American Cicero is a hard act to follow. Mr. Obama […]

United we spend

The historic election of Barack Obama was said to signal Hope and Change. And Unity. Let’s not forget Unity. Because Mr. Obama was going to put an end to politics as usual. We were all going to work together for the common good of the country. We weren’t going to be divisive anymore. We were […]

Iowahawk and the Egg of Power

Iowahawk is one funny guy. His latest post, “It Takes a Proverb to Run a Village,” was inspired by the rather fatuous flap over President Obama’s Egg of Power statue. See here, here, here and here for said flap. Personally, I think it’s kind of a neat looking little doodad, and don’t think it means […]

Respect the President: sedem non sedentem

I’m a bit late commenting on this, but if you want your news fresh, pick a blogger with fewer small children. Politico got its feathers all ruffled over this: President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question. […]

Republic of trivia

Don’t be shocked, but I’m writing today to defend Barack Obama. After all, the new President deserves a honeymoon, even from conservative bloggers, right? Since I can’t in good conscience defend the appalling Geithner appointment or the dubious Clinton one, I’m afraid my defense has to be on more frivolous issues, but still, a defense […]

Out with the old

On this most historic of historic days, I was going to write about something other than the landmark inauguration of the first black President of the U.S., because that’s what everyone else is doing, and I’ve been too busy being on vacation – and too internet-deprived – to keep up with all the buzz. But […]

City life

In New Mexico, we have to drive everywhere.  We live miles from anyplace, but now we’re staying at my mother-in-law’s place on Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades, and we can walk everywhere:  grocery store, drugstore, bookstore, restaurants, library, park, church, anywhere we want to go.  Because we walk, I only buy the groceries we need for the day […]

Under my skin

Everybody’s going to have to give. Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game. So says President-elect Obama in his interview with George Stephanopoulos.  Fair enough, says I.  Because I’ve had my skin in the game for decades.  My husband and I have written a lot of five-figure checks to the IRS […]

It’s, like, too boring

A special election. A senate race run-off. Two dreary old white guys running. Yawn. I’ve got better things to do. Apparently this was the attitude of a lot of young voters who flocked to the polls to elect Barack Obama president. True, McCain did win in Georgia, but not by anywhere near the margin Saxby […]

Nice Republicans finish last

Now I’ve seen it all. The New York Times (you know, that paper we right-wing morons are too stupid, closed-minded and bigoted to read) this morning featured an article by Jim Rutenberg entitled “Harsh Words About Obama? Never Mind Now.” His complaint? Those of us on the right who criticized candidate Obama are now — […]

Congratulations, Mr. President

In your acceptance speech last night, Mr. Obama, you said, addressing those of us who did not vote for you, “I will be your president, too.” I was glad to hear you say it, as I had just been thinking to myself, I did not vote for you, but I congratulate you, wish you well, […]


Obamanos, for those of you outside the Land of Enchantment, has been the battle cry of New Mexico’s Obamanistas. It’s clever, I’ll grant them that. It’s clever; it’s slick; it’s hip — just like Obama himself. As passionately as I wanted John McCain to win the presidency, I’m feeling remarkably tranquil in the wake of […]

Election Night, Part II

As of 8:27 p.m. Mountain Time, CNN.com has Obama and McCain neck and neck in the popular vote count: roughly 28.7 million (50%) for Obama and 27.6 million (49%) for McCain. The electoral count, however, isn’t close at all: 207 for Obama, 135 for McCain. I well recall the fury of the left in 2000, […]

The Three Bears Go to Washington

Once upon a time there was a lovely young co-ed called Goldilocks. She almost never read the newspaper because she couldn’t even get all the reading for her classes done, so when was she supposed to read the paper? She never watched TV news because what kind of loser watched the news when she could […]

Swing on by

and check out my guest blog on Swing State of Mind, the campaign blog of the Santa Fe Reporter. For my out-of-town friends, SFR is about as left-leaning as a newspaper can be, but in the interest of diversity, they asked me to be their token representative of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy in their lively […]

Why can’t he explain it?

Why, oh why, can’t John McCain explain the economic facts of life in a way Joe the Voter can understand? A woman with whom I’ve been on an e-mail list for years, a woman who describes herself as somewhere between Democrat and Republican, who has been non-political all the 8 years I’ve known her, but […]

Idiots enough to go around

Dave Maass of the Santa Fe Reporter was kind enough to e-mail me a link to his Swing State of Mind post a few days ago, since he knows I can get preoccupied with domestic disturbances (e.g., a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old in danger of killing each other) and forget to check the political blogs […]


Thanks to all who have checked the site looking in vain for new posts.  This is the longest I’ve gone without posting since beginning.  Multi-tasking is something I’m usually good at, but this week, not so much.  Portia is sleeping through the night, God bless her, but I’m still unaccountably tired.  It’s been a difficult […]

Senator Obama and John

All the talking heads on TV and online have analyzed the debate in all its myriad aspects by now, so what of earth-shttering importance can be added by a tired materfamilias who had to miss bits of the debate here and there because she wasn’t watching it through the DVR because the only way to […]

The personal and the political

I’ve been dying to blog for days, but family matters have prevented it. As it is I’m supposed to be out the door with all my kids in half an hour, and I’m probably not going to make it — at least not with everybody’s hair fixed. I try to keep a balance on this […]

Disappointed in Denver

Is it just me, or does it seem like Bill Clinton is the only one having a really good time at the Democratic National Convention? He was cheerful as all get-out before Hillary’s speech, leaning in close to the good-looking redhead sitting next to him, chatting her up and giving her both barrels of the […]

Fourth of July miscellany

We’ve driven past the Glorieta, NM, battlefield memorial scores (if not hundreds) of times, but today we finally stopped. It’s a makeshift memorial, on private property and maintained by the owner, who has been kind enough to put in nice, flat trails and even to make little makeshift concrete seats and benches under some of […]

Who’s afraid of the big black wolf?

“They’re going to try to make you afraid of me,” says Barack Obama. “He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?” Why is it that when someone on the left disapproves of something, or disagrees with something, it’s out of principle, while those of us on the […]

G. K. Chesterton on the candidates

The Anchoress has found a wonderful quote from G. K. Chesterton that seems to describe the two major party candidates for president in a nutshell: “There are two kinds of peacemakers in the modern world; and they are both, though in various ways, a nuisance. The first peacemaker is the man who goes about saying […]

Deliver us, Lord, from the swing voter

For the first time in my life, my vote for president may actually matter. Until two years ago, I lived in California, as true a blue state as can be. But now I’m a New Mexican, and my state appears as purple on all those red-state-blue-state maps. New Mexico’s electoral votes went to the Democratic […]

Oppose Obama for the right reasons

Pictures like this one, and others of Sen. Obama sporting turbans or crescents, circulate in cyberspace along with e-mails warning us that Obama is really a Muslim. As a conservative, as a Christian, and as a Republican, I am deeply embarrassed by this sort of thing, and wish fervently that it would stop. I oppose […]

Maybe now Michelle can stop whining and be happy

They kept “raising the bar” so that poor Barack just couldn’t catch a break. In a speech last month, Mrs. Obama complained bitterly that “they” (whoever “they” are – maybe the media that was rooting so hard for Mr. Obama that every time Sen. Clinton won another primary, they demanded to know why she wouldn’t […]