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Selfishness as social policy

My NMI column today explores how a Santa Fe elementary school’s reprieve from closure — thanks to Governor Bill Richardson’s spreading around some of the New Mexico taxpayers’ wealth — illustrates a very big problem in American society as a whole.

Can’t pay for the government you’ve already got? Make it bigger!

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damnably sad.  The New Mexico state legislature had a devil of a time balancing its budget this year, so what did those geniuses do?  Why, they passed a bill creating a new cabinet department!  In this case, the Department of Hispanic Affairs, which, as I explain in […]

Death to independent thinking by Democrats

The die is cast. Or should I say, the decision not to make them die is cast? And yet, Hamlet-like, our good Governor Richardson still has his doubts: “I believe it’s the right decision. My conscience feels good, but I am still troubled,” Richardson said, by way of explaining his decision to repeal the death […]

The Iceman cometh?

It looks like Mario Burgos is going to get his wish. In a post titled, “Obama, please take our governor,” my fellow New Mexican opines that we’d be better off without Mr. Richardson in the governor’s mansion. Maybe so, but will “Judas” Richardson be better off having to watch his back serving in a cabinet […]