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Throw enough money at Johnny and surely he’ll read

This is the title of my NMI column that ran yesterday.  Normally it runs on Tuesdays, but they ran it early.  I wanted to leave the Allen Weh interview as the top story on Monday, so I did not link to the column until today. Coincidentally, a commenter on the Weh interview linked to his […]

Just another tequila sunrise — and make it to go

New Mexico has a huge drunk driving problem. A little over a week ago, four teenagers were killed. A few years ago, five members of the same family. Before that, it was a mother and her three small children. It never seems to stop. I have no idea why New Mexicans do this in numbers […]

Jerome Block, Jr.: booze, bushes and a bad memory

Last month Jerome Block, Jr., won the Democratic primary election for a seat on the PRC (that’s Public Regulation Commission, not People’s Republic of China; I was a bit perplexed when I first moved to Santa Fe and started seeing PRC referred to without explanation in the newspaper). Since no Republicans even bothered to run, […]