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Get back in the kitchen, Sarah!

This comment was posted to my most recent blog entry: Reading the exchange you and Slackonomics author Lisa Chamberlain had about the challenges of parenting (and noting that you haven’t had much time to blog because of the needs of your own children), I’m curious what you think about Gov. Palin campaigning for – and […]

What dull world of kids’ trivia?

In her new TimesOnline piece, “Why you shouldn’t let your kids rule your life,” Katie Roiphe trots out the familiar feminist canard about how she found her brain atrophying when she took a year-long maternity leave. She writes: A lot of my friends who don’t work — and it was the same for me when […]

Motherhood as battleground: Alice and Rebecca Walker

This story appeared yesterday on my friend Patrick O’Hannigan’s blog, The Paragraph Farmer, but my friend Martha Brozyna, medieval historian and author of a recently published book on stock trading, had already sent me the link to the Daily Mail article. In it, 38-year-old Rebecca Walker blames her famous mother, author Alice Walker, for very […]