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The Morning After

In the months since Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination, Facebook has become a savage place. Friends on both sides have posted ugly, intolerant things. Multiple friends have posted along the lines of “If you’re voting for _________, unfriend me. I don’t want you here.” These come from the left in a ratio of about […]

Obama’s Supreme Court nominee

We don’t know who she or he is yet, but I’m guessing the list of qualifications, in order of importance, goes something like this: 1) Reliable leftist. True believer in abortion rights, gay marriage rights, activist government intervention to right the various wrongs people suffer, etc. Not some cypher who’s going to reveal his true […]

Out with the old

On this most historic of historic days, I was going to write about something other than the landmark inauguration of the first black President of the U.S., because that’s what everyone else is doing, and I’ve been too busy being on vacation – and too internet-deprived – to keep up with all the buzz. But […]