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The Morning After

In the months since Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination, Facebook has become a savage place. Friends on both sides have posted ugly, intolerant things. Multiple friends have posted along the lines of “If you’re voting for _________, unfriend me. I don’t want you here.” These come from the left in a ratio of about […]

Because hot conservative women have to stick together

Because I know Dave Maass reallly, really misses reading my thoughts on Sarah Palin: I’m a little puzzled as to why people are demanding David Letterman apologize for making a joke about Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter getting knocked up by Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. Are there really people who still don’t understand that making lewd jokes […]

Marco Rubio and the Reagan Revolution

The GOP is not dead. It’s not a damaged brand. It’s taken a hit, but it’s not down for the count, despite the liberal media’s attempts to convince us it is. And when I see passionate, articulate young men like Marco Rubio of Florida on our team, I am content to ignore all the hand-wringing […]

United we spend

The historic election of Barack Obama was said to signal Hope and Change. And Unity. Let’s not forget Unity. Because Mr. Obama was going to put an end to politics as usual. We were all going to work together for the common good of the country. We weren’t going to be divisive anymore. We were […]


In both senses, literal and figurative. Literally, I’ve been down with a brutal stomach flu, hence no posts in the last few days. As luck would have it, my husband was out of town, so I was on my own with the kids, and pretty much let the three eldest run wild and trash the […]


Obamanos, for those of you outside the Land of Enchantment, has been the battle cry of New Mexico’s Obamanistas. It’s clever, I’ll grant them that. It’s clever; it’s slick; it’s hip — just like Obama himself. As passionately as I wanted John McCain to win the presidency, I’m feeling remarkably tranquil in the wake of […]

Election Night, Part II

As of 8:27 p.m. Mountain Time, CNN.com has Obama and McCain neck and neck in the popular vote count: roughly 28.7 million (50%) for Obama and 27.6 million (49%) for McCain. The electoral count, however, isn’t close at all: 207 for Obama, 135 for McCain. I well recall the fury of the left in 2000, […]

Election Night, Part I

Tonight was a long time coming. Seems like this election has been going on forever. Sort of like pregnancy; I always feel like that lasts about a decade and a half too. Maybe now that it’s almost over, I can actually blog about something other than politics. I remember sitting glued to the TV news […]

The Three Bears Go to Washington

Once upon a time there was a lovely young co-ed called Goldilocks. She almost never read the newspaper because she couldn’t even get all the reading for her classes done, so when was she supposed to read the paper? She never watched TV news because what kind of loser watched the news when she could […]

Swing on by

and check out my guest blog on Swing State of Mind, the campaign blog of the Santa Fe Reporter. For my out-of-town friends, SFR is about as left-leaning as a newspaper can be, but in the interest of diversity, they asked me to be their token representative of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy in their lively […]

Why can’t he explain it?

Why, oh why, can’t John McCain explain the economic facts of life in a way Joe the Voter can understand? A woman with whom I’ve been on an e-mail list for years, a woman who describes herself as somewhere between Democrat and Republican, who has been non-political all the 8 years I’ve known her, but […]

Comedian in Chief

Senators McCain and Obama took turns doing stand-up at the Al Smith dinner earlier this evening, and while Senator Obama turned in a perfectly adequate performance, I have to say that McCain positively shone. I thought he did pretty well in the debate last night, but nowhere near as well as he did at the […]

Idiots enough to go around

Dave Maass of the Santa Fe Reporter was kind enough to e-mail me a link to his Swing State of Mind post a few days ago, since he knows I can get preoccupied with domestic disturbances (e.g., a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old in danger of killing each other) and forget to check the political blogs […]


Thanks to all who have checked the site looking in vain for new posts.  This is the longest I’ve gone without posting since beginning.  Multi-tasking is something I’m usually good at, but this week, not so much.  Portia is sleeping through the night, God bless her, but I’m still unaccountably tired.  It’s been a difficult […]

Senator Obama and John

All the talking heads on TV and online have analyzed the debate in all its myriad aspects by now, so what of earth-shttering importance can be added by a tired materfamilias who had to miss bits of the debate here and there because she wasn’t watching it through the DVR because the only way to […]

Doing the right thing

One reason I haven’t posted (besides the four ever-present reasons to whom I’ve given birth) is because I’m trying to fathom exactly what’s going on economically in our country. This crisis is huge, complicated and difficult to understand. It is so easy to manipulate statistics to paint one party or the other as culpable, and […]

Free press

Julia Goldberg at Swing State of Mind reported yesterday that Ira Gordon, operations manager of the broadcasting group that includes “Radio Free Santa Fe” (KBAC 98.1 FM) is running editorials immediately after every McCain ad the station airs, editorials that basically tell listeners not to believe what they just heard: His editorial begins by noting […]

Caribou Barbie — the crazy, dangerous, castrating bitch

I still haven’t ascertained who coined the nickname Caribou Barbie for Sarah Palin, but it’s spreading through the cyberworld like wildfire. Already on Sept. 3 Wonkette was using the term as though it was nothing new, though I haven’t found any earlier occurrences. The name is actually quite clever. Sexist and demeaning, but clever. Barbie […]

Get back in the kitchen, Sarah!

This comment was posted to my most recent blog entry: Reading the exchange you and Slackonomics author Lisa Chamberlain had about the challenges of parenting (and noting that you haven’t had much time to blog because of the needs of your own children), I’m curious what you think about Gov. Palin campaigning for – and […]

The personal and the political

I’ve been dying to blog for days, but family matters have prevented it. As it is I’m supposed to be out the door with all my kids in half an hour, and I’m probably not going to make it — at least not with everybody’s hair fixed. I try to keep a balance on this […]

Fourth of July miscellany

We’ve driven past the Glorieta, NM, battlefield memorial scores (if not hundreds) of times, but today we finally stopped. It’s a makeshift memorial, on private property and maintained by the owner, who has been kind enough to put in nice, flat trails and even to make little makeshift concrete seats and benches under some of […]

G. K. Chesterton on the candidates

The Anchoress has found a wonderful quote from G. K. Chesterton that seems to describe the two major party candidates for president in a nutshell: “There are two kinds of peacemakers in the modern world; and they are both, though in various ways, a nuisance. The first peacemaker is the man who goes about saying […]

Deliver us, Lord, from the swing voter

For the first time in my life, my vote for president may actually matter. Until two years ago, I lived in California, as true a blue state as can be. But now I’m a New Mexican, and my state appears as purple on all those red-state-blue-state maps. New Mexico’s electoral votes went to the Democratic […]