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Thanks to all who have checked the site looking in vain for new posts.  This is the longest I’ve gone without posting since beginning.  Multi-tasking is something I’m usually good at, but this week, not so much.  Portia is sleeping through the night, God bless her, but I’m still unaccountably tired.  It’s been a difficult […]

Barbie and the shrew

According to my blog’s stat program, the term “Caribou Barbie” is gaining on (but is still well behind) “I hate Kate Gosselin” and “Kate Gosselin shrew” in the keyword search sweepstakes, and poor old Jerome Block, Jr., is now a sad and distant third, eclipsed by two women other women love to hate. And as […]

Doing the right thing

One reason I haven’t posted (besides the four ever-present reasons to whom I’ve given birth) is because I’m trying to fathom exactly what’s going on economically in our country. This crisis is huge, complicated and difficult to understand. It is so easy to manipulate statistics to paint one party or the other as culpable, and […]

Cleaning house

In The Progress Paradox, Gregg Easterbrook details the ways in which people today are materially so much better off than their grandparents were, and yet are no happier, and in many cases far more dissatisfied with their lives. We really are better off than our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, and yet at the same time […]