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Why I don’t blog much these days (part 1)

This is Portia’s new hobby. It’s only fun if she has on her clothes and, ideally, her shoes as well. Therefore, anytime I fill or drain the bathtub, I need to stay in the room, or post a guard. Regrettably, the guards (the older girls) are the sort that would get themselves and their fellow […]

So you think I’m too young to use a knife?

Go ahead and try to take it…out of my cold, dead hands. Obviously, I figured out how to get a new photo onto the blog, since Portia was a little bitty baby when my technical difficulties began.  I still can’t upload pictures to the blog, but I can upload them to Flickr or Picasa and […]

Portia Louise, home at last

Portia Louise Russell and her exhausted but deliriously happy mother came home from the hospital on Sunday, and it’s taken this long for me to get around to writing about it. First, the name. Portia is the name we had in mind when I wrote my earlier post about baby names, but I was keeping […]